Senate Resolution to Establish Senate Committee on Infrastructure

Senate Resolution to Establish Senate Committee on Infrastructure


Section 1: The Senate Committee on Infrastructure shall be created.

Section 2: The purpose of the Senate Committee on Infrastructure shall help create laws that assist Department of Boating and Waterway, Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, Department of Public Works, and Department of Health. The committee shall host a session for the committee as an “Open House” every two weeks to take questions and suggestions form department employees within the named department.

Section 2A: The committee shall review the suggestions and questions and take them into consideration and help makes laws in these departments.

Section 3: The Senate Committee on Infrastructure shall have two Senators as regular members, and one Chairman.

Section 3A: The Chairman shall be a current Senator and chosen by the President of the Senate.

Section 3B: The Chairman shall be responsible for appointing members to the committee during a vacancy, shall be responsible for organizing hearings, and preside over said hearings.

Section 4: All Members of the committee shall serve on the committee, For a 45-day term, or until vacating their office.

Section 5: Should there be no chairman, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall serve as Acting Chairman until one is appointed.

Section 6: Each Committee member may be removed from the Committee through resolution should it be needed.

Section 7: This shall go into immediate effect upon being passed by the Senate.

Section 8: All laws in conflict with this are rendered null and void.

Respectfully Submitted to the Senate of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator, Sir_Mr

Secretary of Department of Commerce, FranisHUnderwood
Secretary of Department of Transportation, Straphos
Secretary of Department of Public Works, steelersben07
Secretary of Department of Health, mrfergie

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