Selling Cars

As the title says, what if we could return or sell cars?


yes :slight_smile:

if I were to sell the cars I didn’t want, I would get back like 140k-150k more in my bank account which would be VERY great

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The resell value will be low

Already a v3 feature

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We can’t implement this in v2 even if we wanted to. We are unable to identify whether your vehicle was purchased with a custom license plate (which costs robux). The original scripter for the car dealership and database did not record whether your vehicle was bought with a custom license plate or not, thus when returning a vehicle, we will have technically scammed you of such robux.

This is an idea for v3, whereas if you do return your vehicle with a custom license plate, we will have recorded that it was bought with the aforementioned plate, thus giving you a free license plate or some other incentive when purchasing a new vehicle.


thank you envelope, very cool!

Thank you Env! I really appreciate your response