Search Warrant: North Firestone Discord Srver

Under Article Three, Section Four of the State of Firestone Constitution, this Warrant requires those listed to search and seize the stated articles under penalty of law. The articles seized are to be DMed to the signing justice and the attorney general respectively. The Attorney General shall also be given administrative access (however shall be barred from making any changes to the server) and access to view the audit logs of the server.

To: Any person who is a member of a discord server entitled “North Firestone” and is currently owned by Baron_Natertot8425.

Requested by: the Attorney General

Place to be searched: The entirety of the above named server.

Articles to be seized: Any statement, or thing, relating to the declared war on the State.

Probable cause: The requesting officer has presented probable cause (via a public document and statements made by a high ranking official made in the group suggesting that the group was not applicable to state law) that a criminal act has taken place or is in progress in the above named server.

Failure to comply within 24 hours, or deleting/editing evidence is contempt of court and evidence tampering, and will be meet with prosecution and incarceration.

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

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