Search Warrant: Firestone Department of Aviation Discord (void)

Under Article Three, Section Four of the State of Firestone Constitution, this Warrant requires those listed to search and seize the stated articles under penalty of law. The articles seized are to be made available for documentation, via allowed access to all channels as well as the discord. The signing justice and Attorney General Jefrafra will be responsible for conducting the search.

To: iLordofAviation

Place to be searched: All channels of the Department of Aviation Discord

Articles to be seized: Anything in relation to treason.

Probable cause: The signing judicial official, under penalty of perjury, affirms that he has knowledge of the person whom this order is directed to committing a crime.

Failure to comply within 6 hours, or deleting/editing evidence is contempt of court and evidence tampering, and will be meet with prosecution and incarceration.


Requested by Attorney General Jefrafra


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