SeanCityNavy for House of Representive

Hello Citizens of Firestone

Its your Friendly Fmr. Senator SeanCityNavy here running for the HOR. Can I be honest with you all for a second? The current pool of Reps are trash right? We need to bring in the Old Guard and fix this mess before it gets way out of hand, that’s why I’m running, to make sure that everything gets fixed around here.

As I’m sure you all know, While I was in Senate I helped pass crucial legislation that helped this state and I plan to do it again, as well as Nay all stupid and unneeded legislation that comes up. I do hope that I can trust you guys for support.

Thanks for listening
Holder of Six Firestone Titles
Former Senator
Former Firestone National Guard Brigadier General

ur late but support anyway xdddd

Wasn’t aware to it till now


I dunno if I want to support a guy who calls all the other representatives trash in house and says we need the old guard to fix a non existent mess. If you’re trying to talk about the bill about the county government, we made a mistake and fixed it just a couple minutes after.

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