SCSO Problem

So I see this traffic stop at rogreens.
The passenger was scared of the driver and told scso that he wished to get out. SO they told the driver to let him out, the pass gender stated that he was harmed by the driver and didn’t want to come back, he said that he wanted a ride and he drove him but forcefully locked the doors.

SO SCSO questioned the driver, and the driver was let off WITH THE SCARED passenger, and the driver locked the doors and ran off fast as he could. The passenger wanted help but didn’t get anything from scso.

tl;tr scso did a traffic stop and let a kidnapper off the hook

:clap:to SCSO.

Seems like the passenger being kicked (as the driver roleplayed that and the fact he said his legs were messed up) SCSO just let him off.

How would you deal with this and not make the same mistake like SCSO did.

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Two deputies on the scene, the main deputy was 2S09 | DFC TNT_METAK who let him go and 2S19 | Deputy | Owen_624

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Odd situation. If the passenger didn’t want to be in the car from the start, (s)he shouldn’t have been in the vehicle. If the passenger was kidnapped by the driver and couldn’t get out, the passenger should’ve told that to the officers on scene at the traffic stop.

If I was a LEO in this situation, I’d ask the passenger to present any evidence that he/she was kidnapped.

In this case, the Deputies had their hands tied. If there is no evidence, the Deputies cannot do anything. But if the passenger didn’t want to be in the car and wasn’t being forced to be in the car, the passenger should’ve gotten out.

apparently the deputies on that scene didn’t see the dude say that his legs were kicked

You reported the issue and it is being handled. I thank you for bringing it to our attention but was this post necessary?

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yeah cause people told me scso let criminals go for no reason
many people

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they dont enforce warrants either

neither do swat or fsp

kinda sad


We try to enforce warrants as often as possible. It get’s hard to notice people, as we do not have a constant memory of when the people change their looks. So please stop hating on departments. @shysun

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Again, it’s been reported. If you have any other reports of deputies letting criminals go, let us know so we can handle it. Much appreciated.


Although this doesn’t directly relate to your topic, sometimes this incompetence gets a bit repetitive. I know some SCSO colleagues who are incompetent or don’t think fully, but I also know some who are really great deputies. However, I would argue that even some of the best ones I know make simple mistakes. I have personally tried to request additional units, one day it took me over 5 minutes to even receive a response. I saw maybe 4 people “Available” on the ERU so I assumed I would get a response right away. But no. It took over 8 radio messages over a period of 5 minutes to get someone to respond. No one cared that I was in an HRS with a warranted suspect. No one cared that he was likely armed.

My request to everyone reading this; please be more aware of the radio traffic, your surroundings, as well as use common sense. It really isn’t that hard and it can honestly save lives in the end.

doesnt matter, if the passenger wants to get out of the car, he can get out
if the passenger was not being let out, the driver could be charged with kidnapping literally right there
you dont need evidence to prove otherwise, as a deputy i wouldve said
“Let the passenger out”, and if he refuses, well, lets get those batons ready.

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scso and fsp never enforce my warrant

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You made a forum post stating that the fault of one deputy as an “SCSO problem”. Instead of making this unnecessary and meaningless post, you should’ve reported them directly to high command.

By the way, you say that the passenger was taken out of the car, so why did he get back in it? I don’t see you saying that the deputy told him to get back in the car, sounds like it was merely his decision. If your goals are to try to meme the department and make a joke out of this, that makes you look more of an idiot than you not knowing how to report something.

This one made me laugh a bit, considering DHS gets a bit triggered when they see LEOs going out of their way to enforce warrants and locate somebody with a warrant. People hide their avatars all the time and you don’t just go around asking people for their ID. When somebody with a warrant comes up, they’ll be arrested. Other than that, all I see is people pulling the “let IO locate people with warrants!1!1” card when LEOs try to find somebody in game with a warrant.

This whole post is pointless, and your complaint will be dealt with. Next time, you should know the proper place to make a complaint.


Issue resolved

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