SCSO Interdepartment Tournament: Rules

A fun tournament designed to bring SCSO together and spur friendly competition among employees.

~Hosted by Lidels.

All rules are listed here, and anything violated within this guide is subject to moderation by our referees.

1. Spawnkilling.

Spawnkilling is defined as:

a. Engaging in combat with someone in their spawn, who has just spawned

b. Engaging in combat while FF is still activated (so as to pressure the newly spawned or as to attack without taking any damage)

c. Harassing the spawn of an opponent.

Engaging in the act of spawnkilling is forbidden.

2. Wallshooting.

Wallshooting is defined as:

a. Inserting the barrel or slide into a wall (or other surface), thus allowing rounds fired from the firearm to travel freely through the parts.

Wallshooting is forbidden.

3. Excessive Barrel Peeking.

Barrel Peeking is defined as:

a. Advancing (or ‘peeking’) the barrel or slide of a firearm around a corner, edge, or angle so as to fire rounds with only the muzzle of the firearm being exposed to enemies.

Barrel Peeking is not necessarily against the rules (because it can be countered by simply staying in cover), though, you are expected not to rely on it for the entire game or as a primary tactic.

4. Toxicity.

Plain and simple. Any disrespect, bad sportsmanship, or acts of the sort is against the rules. This game is designed to be fun.


A win is defined as one or more players on a red or blue team while their opposing team is completely wiped.


This game follows a 3 strike system. The first warning is verbal and recorded. The second warning is a warning + WO conferred to violating party. The third warning is disqualification.

If, upon being given a WO, puts total WOs to 11, the player is then removed from their team to the Spectator team.

As previously stated, I hope you enjoy this small tournament I’ve made for you and hope you have fun.


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Wipe out, also known as death.

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