SCFD / Secondary Jobs Poll

So on 8/13 FedoraMasterB98 announced:

To prevent any bias I will only give some facts on the Pro’s and Con’s, I’ll list my opinion further in the thread.


  • SCFD becomes secondary
  • Better response rates from SCFD as it can be more staffed


  • Can no longer be in more than one secondary job
  • Those not seeking a patrol LEO job (DPW, DOT, DOC, etc) will be limited to only selecting one

With this in mind vote here as well. Also make sure to respond below on this issue.

  • You’re allowed 1 PRIMARY, 2 SECONDARY and any amount of Voluntary Departments
  • SCFD becomes Secondary (and reviewed again come V3), but you’re now allowed 1 PRIMARY, 1 SECONDARY, and any amount of Voluntary Departments

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Additionally, who would be in favor of you’re allowed 1 PRIMARY, 2 SECONDARY and any amount of Voluntary Departments AS WELL AS making SCFD Secondary

  • Yes, this is a better solution
  • No, the solutions presented above are better

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Honestly, limiting people to only doing 1 secondary is really bad. Not everyone wants to be a cop in Firestone. Some people want to do more industrial jobs such as DOT and DPW at the same time instead of having to pick between the two. The only primary jobs left are only patrol LEO’s. I am also concerned of people going strictly towards either FSP, DHS, and SCSO and joining SCFD with no one wanting to staff DOC anymore. A bunch of secondary departments would really suffer like DPS in which you have to pick between doing reports or having an actual in county job. I think the best solution for this would to keep it where there is one primary and two secondaries while making SCFD secondary as well. I see no harm in that tbh.


Oh my god, just make fucking SCFD secondary for gods sake.
I really don’t give a shit if it “isn’t realistic.” There are things that work and things that don’t work in ROBLOX.
I am sorry to say it, but lots of people will chose a LEO career over a SCFD career. Personally, if I could be an LEO and join SCFD, I would join in a heartbeat, and I know a lot of other LEOs who have said the same.
(not directed at you clone obviously lol)


I agree, I just think that SCFD should be secondary as well as making it where you can still join another secondary department as well. It is unfair to those who don’t want to pursue a LEO career and are forced to quit one of their jobs because of this.


idk why fed cares, like fed you can be in 50 departments and no one cares. stop making the game less funner smh.

fed needs to stop worrying about us and needs to do development such as adding boats that will actually benefit the game. plus how is he going to expect 150 members for DPW/DOT if hes gonna make it so only 1 secondary!? if he does make it so it’s only 1 secondary, there will be lots of resignations from departments such as DOT and will cause more traffic in-game or something like DOC

I don’t really have an opinion on this, but I can just imagine the backlash from people who currently serve in two secondary departments, wonder how that will settle with Fed.


I have to agree a lot of us are either in 2 Secondary Departments or are planning to join 2 Secondary Departments. I can also see some departments such as Dpw and Doc suffering from this as they would probably have a lot of people resigning from the departments

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The idea of SCFD being secondary isn’t bad and I would welcome it, however, having secondary departments restricted to 1 is a horrible idea. I currently have all the spots filled, I got 1 primary and 2 secondary. With this implementation, I would have to leave both of my secondary departments in order to stay in the Fire Department. Majority of the FD does not have POST, what would they do, if this change gets implemented? They will get bored and they will lose the chance to be able to apply for some departments such as DPW or DOT.

So the conclusion: make it secondary, but don’t restrict us to 1 secondary department.


I dont give a shit if you want to be a cop and a firefighter, tough luck. You’re literally taking away any and all job oppurtunities from scfd employees and it’s not fucking fair, the system works so keep it as it is. And anyways, there are scfd employees already in seccondary departments forcing us to choose over them.


if fed makes scfd secondary and only allows for 1 secondary, say goodbye to your dreams of a functioning health department and scmc altogether.

kbye there’s my 2 cents, so dont be stupid with this fucking vote <3


secondary departments already struggle with employee counts

justice, transportation, public works, health, state, commerce, corrections, etc – they WILL all get boned by the loss of a secondary slot


This poll all together should be thrown away. This impacts secondaries negatively resulting in more problems. If SCFD is going to continue to suffer from manpower issues so be it until a proper solution such as making the ranks firefighter/paramedic secondary and those ranks ONLY secondary is implemented.

On the topic of manpower, everyone wants to be a cop while few pursue a firefighter or paramedic career. I don’t blame them at this point because good roleplay calls are rare and the roleplay experience in v2 is limited without proper in-game tools.


let’s be real here, half of the secondary departments are already struggling with getting the people they need. if you further limit the number of secondaries someone can be in, you might as well start saying bye to some of these secondary depts. and what about people that are in supervisory positions in secondary departments?? are you really going to make them chose one over the other?


Idc about Scfd as I’m not scfd. 1 secondary is bad, very bad though


make scfd secondary, keep 2 secondaries. making it 1 will kill DOC, DPW, and or DOT.

Id, in a fucking heartbeat, join SCFD, if he made scfd secondary. I cant right now cause im not leaving SWAT for a fire department. If I can do both though? Id do it without hesitation.


Facts people already said that if fed makes it only 1 secondary that they will resign I believe

Facts with make scfd secondary, keep 2 secondaries. making it 1 will kill DOC, DPW, and or DOT.

Making 1 secondary department only, is gonna utterly fuck every secondary department in FS. People are gonna do mass resignations to go to the department of their choice. Places such as DPW, DOT, DOH, Commerce, potentially SCFD, potentially DOC. Will loose numbers of staff in the dozens.

Keeping the departments how it is currently is in my view, the best course of action. Preferably SCFD would be able to join the secondary departments, whilst allowing for 2 secondary jobs. This is in my view the only way to keep most of these departments alive.


It’s a fact that for years SCFD has been understaffed. It’s been a bit better lately but people can lose interest in SCFD VERY quickly.
You open up SCFD to LEOs, and you open up a door to MANY experienced and competent people who can do work in the department. You also open up opportunities for departments like Department of Health to get more interest from LEOs as they will have to learn and understand DOH and how DOH and SCFD work together.

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