Robloxelsuper for the House

Hello citizens of the State of Firestone,

I am robloxelsuper and I am running for a seat in the Firestone House of Representatives. I am seeking to once again begin my political career within the State of Firestone but bigger than the last time. During this term, I aim to start contributing with other departments, specially trying to commence working and preparing departments for V3.

For me, one of the most important parts of representing the state is hearing from citizens. Representatives are chosen by the people, for the people. If I do get the seat, I will keep actively trying to listen for suggestions and always open to the public. I do believe that the citizens should have a say in the government and the laws. This is why I will stay in contact with the Citizens. My DM’s will be always open for any suggestion or issue you have.


• Former FDOC, Correctional Officer
• Former SCSO, Deputy
• X1 Redwood Alderman
• x1 Stapleton County
• DOBW, Environmental Services
• FSP, Trooper
• FSP ASU, Pilot
• POST, Admissions Officer


• Increase transparency and interaction between government and civilians
• Work closely with department officials to introduce any bill necessary for correct functioning of their department
• Support businesses approved by the Department of Commerce
• Keep in contact with municipal and county government, supporting any legislation that might need state government’s assistance.

Just as an statement, I believe the House of Representatives and the Senate currently have a good amount of seats. In my opinion, less seats is equal to less representation.

Thank you for reading my short speech! You are free to ask me any questions you might have regarding the speech or anything you might want to know about me via Discord (robloxelsuper#0784).


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That can be done through executive action.

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Yes, it can be done through executive action but having support from the House is also good.

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seeing as you have no political experience, why take such a huge jump? why not start out at municipal instead of state?

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I have been on municipal government, Redwood and County Council.

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Voting has opened, go vote for a representative.

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