Robloxelsuper for Redwood City Council


Hello! I am robloxelsuper and I am running for the Redwood City Council. This term I have decided to come back and assist the city as an Alderman. I look forward to re-introduce myself into the City and hopefully do small changes for the common good.


  • x1 Stapleton County Council.

  • x1 Redwood City Council.

  • Former Firestone Department of Corrections, Correctional Officer.

  • Former Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy.

  • Firestone State Patrol, Trooper & Admissions Officer.

  • FSP:Air Support Unit, Pilot.

  • Firestone Department of Boating and Waterways, Admissions Officer.

  • Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training, Admissions Officer.


  • Increase City Council activity.

  • Improve the City Charter.

  • Create bills to reduce crime or misinterpretation of laws.

  • More transparency and communication with the people.

  • Extend engagement between the people and the government.

  • Listening to the public and departments that operate within Redwood for the creation of any necessary bill.

  • Support to local businesses, once again, creating any legislation that might benefit them.

  • Create better relations with the County Government.


Thank you for reading my speech. This term I will be working extremely hard to introduce as much legislation as possible, trying to fulfill all my plans and creating even bigger ones. If you have any question at all make sure you DM me on Discord, robloxelsuper#0784.


Redwood needs robloxelsuper!

I support robloxelsuper for Redwood City Council


I support robloxelsuper for Redwood City Council

Yo it’s me

Election over.