Does anyone know what the “official” Ro-states are? Does firestone have a list of Ro-states they recognize? I want to start one and learn how I would become recognized.

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This document covers EVERYTHING on how to be recognized as a ro-state to Firestone and the requirements. It should answer all your questions State of Firestone Foreign Policy - 2020.pdf - Google Drive


Ask Our Glorious Leader FedoraMasterB98

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being recognized by firestone as an official ro state should be the least of your worries unless you want to engage in shitty foreign relations that have no benefits

if you want to start your own state go for it but dont do everything just to make yourself official in the eyes of firestone. in reality what this state says carries nothing outside of the tight circle of ro-states of NY, Aigio, and Mayflower. there are hundreds of thriving groups with amazing development and that are really active.

focus on what you want to do with your state and it’ll turn out decent im sure. firestone doesnt recognize a lot of states that have better development and communities.

TL;DR being recognized by firestone will hardly do you any good


if he responds

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i agree with most you say, but it might help in aspects of being known since firestone is one of the most successful ro states and is the best imo but other then that you’re right

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I think the only semi-active one recognized rn is New York and maybe ridgeway


ridgeway isn’t officially recognised

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Nation of Aigio [Dead]
State of Atoll [Dead]
State of Falcon Falls [Dead]
State of Firestone
State of Harkmint [Dead]
State of New York
State of Mattaquota [Dead]
State of Mayflower [Dead]
State of Remes
State of Ridgeway
State of Theodore
State of Waterston [Dead]

[Enroll to be Official]
State of Oak Lake
State of Pontiac

[“Mano County RP”]
Province of British Columbia
State of Pennsylvania

State of Amherst
State of Berkeley
State of Barklen
State of Dockland
State of Hurworth
State of Islip
State of Havenstone
State of Lincoln
State of Lockridge
State of Lostvale
State of Malverne
State of Marigold
State of Melrose
State of Newdale
State of Newport (I)
State of Newport (II)
State of Norview
State of Palmview
State of Parkland
State of Pittsburg
State of Ploxton
State of Rockport
State of Scott
State of Silverport
State of Winnebeg
State of Westlake

These are the states I so far found


REMES ON TOP! @UN67524795

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theodore’s also dead cause the owner thought it was a good idea to work on two county games at the same time instead of focusing on one


Melrose is Mattaquot btw

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Marigold has been dead for a while, though we might try to revive over summer or something. Never really took off as we didn’t have enough competent people to fill positions

  1. That’s from 2020
  2. you have to be recognized from fed now to be recognized as astate, not DOS
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Oh really? Thank you very much!

That document refers to being recognised for diplomatic purposes. The underlying requirement to be recognised as existing is at the discretion of the Founder: only rostates he is in the Roblox group of qualify.

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