Ro-State Centered Military Simulation (Milsim)

Hello, your friendly Secretary of Defense SeanCityNavy here,

If you remember or cared in any way, shape or form about my Ro-state Centered Milsim interest survey where I laid out a berebones concept of a Milsim group centered around the Blockport (Which I have found it was actually called Blockton oops) war of 2017 but altered to include all the Ro-states. Well I…uhh Idk how to explain this but I did it. I created the groups.
Main Group
Blockport National Guard/Blockport State Patrol
Blockport Liberation Militia (Dont mind the misspelling on Militia I swore it was right)
Blockport Military Policing Brigade, ISAF
Blockport Military Policing Brigade, CSAT

and I also created a discord

Wait so you made the groups, what now? Well… Uh nothing, I have no developing experince, I can’t build, do terrain, script, or anything. Best I can do is mess around with already created Admin Scripts and the ACS System. I deal with the administrative sides of things and I should of thought about that before wasting money, but yeah. This post was just to make you aware that I did it as well as to ask for people to spread the word and Developing support if you just want to have a passion project to work on the side.

i am builder


Not Firestone related. Unapproved advertisement