(REVISED) iFedoraLostic for Redwood Mayor


Have not had luck with running for Elected positions and my last thread was rushed so here is a new one with what I intended to write.


Hello, Firestonians I am iFedoraLostic some of you may know me from other groups or from Firestone. I joined Firestone in the first week it was opened to the public. I joined the community As an Upper-Class Citizen. I have loved the concept of Firestone and the community and its members. Today I am announcing I am running for Mayor of the City of Redwood. I hope my experiences and Ideas persuade you to vote for me as the next Mayor of Redwood.

Past experiences:

*Stapleton county- County Justice.

*Firestone- Redwood city council.

*Firestone Department of transportation- Public employee (x2)

*Firestone National guard-Private


*Gain collective feedback from citizens.

*Find innovative ways to increase traffic safety within Redwood city limits.

*Investigate ways to reduce criminal activity within Redwood city limits.

*Work on a website and new Trello for Redwood municipal operations.

*Attract new commerce opportunities into Redwood city limits.

*Have scheduled city council meetings with public viewing.

Thank you for providing an amazing community to work with. I hope to work my way up in the State legislature.

Thank you for your time.

Contact: iFedoraLostic#7114 For Q/A



Mayoral candidate.

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Not enough supports.

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