To help Department of Boating and Waterways to start up and begin operations in conjunction with all other maritime sub-divisions and departments.


GOVERNOR State of Firestone

Helped the State of Firestone get back on its feet and continue to move
Established alliances with other states for a strong bond.
[more information upon request]

LT. GOVERNOR State of Firestone

Assisted the Governor in the creation of the very first Constitution and Bill
of Rights.
Established the very first foundation of the Firestone Senate.
[more information upon request]

HEAD DEVELOPER State of Firestone

Developed all the programming needs for Stapleton County V1 and
Stapleton County V2. Established an application center.
Fulfilled the programming needs for the POST Certification Center, and other places
related to Firestone.
[more information upon request]

SECRET SERVICE DIRECTOR Department of Homeland Security

Established a proper “escort” guidelines and regulation.
Continued to maintain such guidelines and regulation, which is still being somewhat
used to date.
[more information upon request]

CO-FOUNDER State of Firestone

Actively ensured the stability of the state.
Moderated all proper forms of communication to prevent a toxic community.


LAFFYDECIOUS Former Governor, State of Firestone
PATHWAYSBBALL Co-Founder, Former Governor, Former Lieutenant Governor, Former Undersheriff, State of Firestone