Restricted Waters Legislation Help

Hi folks. Recently, myself and @scriblelz have been hard at work working on a legislation to update the restricted waters for @fedoramasterb98’s residence, at the request of @Clonemep, though we are in need of an updated aerial photo of the residence to complete this task.

Remember, this picture needs to include the buoys and the residence, and be a relatively large image.

Here’s what we need to be in the image:

Thank you so much. We appreciate the assistance!

(cc: @GetEnveloped @pathwaysbball)


County Affairs Committee Chairman


um sir with all do respect i dont know if this is possible with a helicopter due to restricted airspace or the co founders/founder get an overhead map no offense to u both tho :heart:

I contacted all of the founders in this forum post, and have reached out to Fed, yet with no response.

I can speak to colorful to maybe clear you into the airspace if you’d like to be the one to take the picture.

ask colorful that’s how i did it

colorful said they didnt have it (updated version)

@GetEnveloped I know this isn’t a bug but since you’re online, could you give us a hand please?


Yes, thank you so much.

That will definitely suffice!

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