Response to Court Case Against Myself

Howdy, Ladies and Gents of Firestone.

Yesterday, at around 11:20 PM Est, I responded to aid a Correctional Officer, just outside the Correctional Facility. When I arrived, the correctional officer on scene (1C07 - xKoytoPenquin) had stated he pulled over the DoT truck off of DoC grounds due to loitering on their property. I asked the Correctional Officer what his preferred outcome of the situation was, he implied to make an arrest. Notice, the DoT employee had no priors and was not on DoT grounds. With this, I let the DoT employee off with a “Loitering” warning.

During the course of me doing so, a DHS agent had arrived on scene to conference with the Correctional Officer. The CO instantly returned back to the gate, leaving the stop he had me on and disregarding the DHS Agents wants to conference.

After I concluded the Traffic Stop, I wrote a report to the Department of Corrections High Command, expressing my concerns against the Correctional Officer. After doing so, I went to the DHS agent that was conferencing with the Correctional Officer about the stop. I started asking questions regarding why he was stopped and what happened while the Public Employee was at the Prison. He did not answer the questions (The DoT operator claimed DoC would not let him out of the lot and kept raising and lowering the Gate).

Furthermore, a State Delegate by the name of TheBloxKiller123, arrived at the prison. Though, I personally can not speak for his ambitions nor reason for being at the prison. The correctional officer had attempted to arrest the Delegate for showing him where an escapee was at. Notice, many times in the video of him doing so, the escapee was in plain sight but the CO could not acknowledge it.

Yesterday, the Correctional officer mentioned tried to make two false arrests. Notice, neither of the arrests could really be seen as legally binding, as first offense for loitering is always a citation. Next, in the video posted by the correctional officer, you notice lack of understanding of how to even make an arrest. Take a look of when he made an arrest and failed to use LOVID. The CO has had complications in the department of corrections before and still seems unfit for his position. Quite uneducated of Firestone laws and appears to be a risk for the department.

Now, many may think my behavior towards the correctional officer was inappropriate. However, the Correctional Officer had failed to give the reason I was at DoC in the first place and how he nearly arrested a DoT employee with no priors for loitering, when he was stopped off of DoT grounds.

Report sent to FDoC High Command:

Photos of the DoT Stop:

Video of the CO attempting to arrest the State Delegate

Court Case:

Feel free to post Comments and/or Concerns below, though this thread was made to expand the understanding of the situation.

In regards,

1S27 - SouthernMorality.
Stapleton Count Sheriffs Office.

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I doubt that the Presiding Officer allows for this to be admissible into evidence due to the fact that you were not under oath when this was written/released.


Not meant to be used in court but rather clear up the image on myself.

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This CO was in the wrong.

You’ll be innocent.


CO has is arrest hungry wants some action. Do not feel he did it correctly


The DOT thing, video shows DOT messing around at the gate so yeah. Now, is there evidence that proves that the person there was an escapee? No. However, the Firestone Department of Corrections HICOMM is investigating. If LOVID was not used, punishment will be taken. If we find anything else, we will also consider punishment. Now, don’t expect an outcome for a number of days, as there are two investigations regarding this video, one which has higher priority than this one.
If you would like to raise any questions or concerns, shoot me a DM. Thank you.

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And make note that the CO NEVER actually arrested BloxKiller.


100% concur with you Wolf.

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The guy was later arrested for prison break and your CO filed a lawsuit due to me obstructing him from arresting BloxKiller. Notice, he was not later arrested due to my claims being true. The escapee was arrested and really should have ended there, as the escapee was apprehended and the situation that was horribly misconstrued was concluded.

Right, but that was AFTER we had evidence that he was an escapee. And he was the only one on duty, he can’t do multiple things at once, can he?


LOVID doesn’t come into play when he isn’t arrested, I pressed the lovely button called Release, a button that is rarely used. I gave him a final warning for the trespassing, as DOJ had put that he did trespassed.

DHS Does NOT have jurisdiction to investigate me in the first place.

I have a video of him going back and forth at the gate and I’m trying to close it, Do you want to keep going about that part?

You don’t have jurisdiction at the prison anyways, I found this out after Tactical said something.

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The fact you didn’t really know that is pretty great. And as long as he stays on the bridge and away from the black pavement it is his jurisdiction

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Fake news. SCSO Jurisdiction: It does not show the prison in its jurisdiction does it?

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If I may also add,

You also spread around a screenshot of me pointing at tazer at you and saying I was being abusive, the video of mine shows that you came in front of me.

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You typed in the charge and got ready to arrest. SHould still practice LOVID.

I have county jurisdiction. Though, that’s out of my primary focus area. Which, my presence there was justified due to being called out.

Actually no. I did not take the screenshot nor claim abuse. Someone else took it and made it a meme. Fake news.

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If SCSO was called then they may respond.

If I cant go outside our jurisdiction, what allows you?

Learn the difference between legal jurisdiction and primary focus area. Also another reason you should go through POST.

If I am correct no jurisdictions were defined…

Stop being so hostile, another reason to go through POST again.