Remove the Rogreens fire!

ok so people well most people in SCFD pretty much hate the rogreens fire, why can’t we just remove this fire or revamp this fire to make it less hard, half time the time the fire despawns before we’re even done. this fire pretty much is the worse one, if we can please uh… remove this fire or revamp, or add a new fire location like somewhere else in abor or somethin


If you know how to fight it (ie spraying where the fire is emitting from bottom-top) its not that hard. It would be nice to make it easier.


first you guys beg for fires to be re-added now you want a fire location removed



Well when there’s legitimately only four fire locations with Rogreens being the toughest and most frequently, it’s just a pain to put out that fire most of the time.


Your job is to put the fire out. Are you wanting them to make it so you arrive on scene and it just gets scared and goes out itself?

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@American_Honor lol if the fire gets scared and no one does shit about it, it will be the 2nd dexter building fire:


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