Remove the invisible wall above storage, it serves no purpose

Okay so recently, criminals holding out storage has been an extremely common occurrence, mainly due to it’s layout making it easy to camp, however another thing that is appealing to criminals is the ridiculously high invisible wall around storage.

This invisible wall serves absolutely no purpose, I see no reason for it, the following problems are caused from it:

  • Glitches everyone’s fire, if your camera is outside the wall it will just shoot into the air
  • Prevents units from being able to shoot into storage from the outside (snipers etc)
  • Prevents units attempting to enter by going over the fence
  • Prevents tactical units from using grenades without running out into the open and getting mag dumped

I am not really sure why the wall is there, whatever reason it may be it creates a collection of other problems in the process.

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It also prevents criminals from doing the same thing, which is either another disadvantage or an advantage depending on who you ask.

I think it’s there to maybe stop trollers killing people near storage from range? Or to try and force people to wait for the gate to open or go through the inside.


bad suggestion

add a safezone around it?

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crims go there to store and they might get a cheaper gun

I feel as if this would be abused very badly

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why not just remove the wall outright then, it creates 10 other problems trying to solve one that was even a problem in the first place

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The wall was added to prevent criminals from just straight jumping over the fence into the storage after robbing a bank or whatever during a pursuit. This was prior to the storage use cooldown update, but even then it’s still pretty dumb how they can immediately store dirty money and it takes courts forever to be able to search and seize (meaning 99% of the times they keep the dirty money to clean out later).


make the wall shorter then? tall enough where you can’t jump, but short enough where you can still get a grenade over

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safezones would be a bad idea as its common to have shootouts in there
would just be unfair to add safezons
especially when most bank robbers go there to store their money and grab a gun to kill leos

could just make it so it only effects people on the citizen team

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No one ever told me there was an invisible barrier on top of storage so it took me flashing myself to realise. It’s really annoying when crims just camp the door and gate inside so you can’t flash or breach properly without at least one person dying.

In that case I think one solution would be remove the wall and then at make it take 5-10 seconds to open the locker before storing stuff, this would prevent crims from being able to instantly store guns right in-front of LEO’s and is kinda realistic as it would take that time IRL, solves the same issue and then prevents guns from glitching out badly at storage in shootouts.

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thats just straight annoying to have to wait to store guns, i dont want to drive into storage and wait 10 seconds before i can take a gun out to go kill someone

kinda how it would work irl, it would then solve the issue of not being able to shoot at storage with the walls

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you dont realize that the storage is really criminals only “advantage”
we dont have houses to store guns nor do we have anywhere else to.