Remove Jail Sentences Over 2 Hours?

Jail Sentences over 2 hours are essentially a ban that might prevent someone from playing for days if not weeks because they will have to serve those hours of prisons over a great amount of time, or with a aim clicker. This kills the game because half of the game aspect is criminal activity, and if you punish people for doing this, all you have is attention seekers (because the real criminals are essentially being banned)

Example:Jim murders a Government Official Jim goes to jail for 3 hours and quits the game forever. Ryan attention seeks and doesn’t go to prison for more than 15 minutes.


Should jail sentences over 2 hours be removed?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should officers be allowed to arrest people for more than 15 minutes?

  • Yes
  • No

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my dude let me stop you here
“Ryan attention seeks and doesn’t go to prison for more than 15 minutes.”
if ryan actually attention seeks and it gets seen by a game mod they most of the time get kicked, but if they keep doing it, they get a server ban, AND IF THEY STILL DO IT then they get banned using this label on the state of firestone trello
so uh yeah being sentenced isn’t that bad unlike attention seeking, which you have a chance of being kicked, server banned, or trello banned.

"Obvious Attention Seeking
Typically criminals want to gain the attention of an officer by purposely ramming into an active crime scene, or doing donuts in front of an officer. This is unrealistic as ramming into an active crime scene in most cases would disable your vehicle. You should attempt to find other ways that do not cause annoyance to individuals around you and respect realism.

Stalking an officer during their movements, such as pursuits or traffic stops, is considered as attention-seeking. Typically users would stalk an officer and obstruct traffic in order to get their attention and have them pursue the user."


So basically, three hours worth of trial time on a guy who murdered ten people to get two hours, nice. Now lowering it down to 30, and maybe inevitably 15, that would be great. And if officers could arrest for a max of say, 30 minutes it would be even better.


this is a roblox justice system, and by your logic people responsibly playing the game and engaging law enforcement parties get a stupid amount of time for it

doesnt take 72 hours to do trial


Normally criminals who get a long sentence commit frequent crimes and have just become a pain to civilians and officers alike. These type of people have 500+ arrests sometimes which proves they are willing to spend an indefinite amount of time in jail. In cases like this, a longer sentence is required so that officers can get a break from just arresting people every single time they get out of jail because they are ruining rps and just shooting everybody up, this is also true with people with warrants. I would agree to lower the jail sentence to maybe a max of 8 hours if officers get the chance to arrest people for longer but until then it is just more convenient for everyone if these people get longer sentences. (also I believe long sentences should always be available for people who may have done major crimes that damage the state such as forming a successful coup for example.)


Did you even read what I said? Or did you just skim the first sentence


Its a game, sentencing of more than 2 hours is essentially a ban.

Crime is APART of the game and I don’t think you understand it.

Because giving people crime sentences of over 2 hours in a robloxian game totally makes sense totally not making people want to quit the game and this group.

Its a GAME. you should NOT be banning people for PLAYING the GAME


Then increase the amount of time an officer makes an arrest, not ruin their part of the game by essentially banning them.


Provide a detailed answer rather then straightforwardly saying no without any reason for it.


Not all attention seeking types usually get banned. For example, if someone attention seeks without distubring a role playing scene (i.e a medical situation, a hostage sit, etc) they wouldn’t get banned. For example, hitting a cop car while hes not dealing with a situation, hitting a citizen car, randomley recklessly driving without disturbing a situation ,etc


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.


hey dont arrest people for fucking 72 hours where is the common sense here?

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nobody ever said it would be lowered more and more but aight


My personal opinion is that we should be able to arrest for up to 30 minutes. Jailing over two hours in a completely different story, one in which us LEOs are not involved in.


No, I don’t do crime. So this isn’t about me “not being able to serve the time”

Your suggesting a rather simplistic idea that doesn’t really solve anything except essentially telling people to stop playing the criminal side of the game because they “can’t serve it”. If people really followed this, the game would get boring quick.

why do you care?

Because long crime sentences do not just affect criminals. They affect officers, yes officers. Troopers, Deputies, Officers, Agents.

How do they affect cops?

When you remove criminals that actually do fun criminal activity, all you have left is people that do road crimes. While dealing with traffic related infractions might be fun sometimes as an officer, when thats all you deal with, and having about 4 cars hit you while your trying to pull a car over, is not fun at all for an officer. This is why I left FSP. Because its boring. Not only does long jail sentences hurt crime, but also other factors play in, (i.e how good the weapons are, gameplay, lagginess, etc) but not going to talk about that.

Basically, when you have long jail sentences in firestone, gang leaders is gone because they don’t want to get 30 hours in jail for conducting mass murders, therefore gangs are not as they used to be (i.e silvani gang)

Your gang members are gone because they don’t want to get 5 hours in prison

And criminals not in gangs, but do homicides are gone because they don’t want to get 5-10 hours in prison either.

And they all flee to mayflower, another state, another group genre cause they don’t want to deal with this shit, or just quit ROBLOX all together.

Now what do you have left when you remove them out of the game?

Reckless drivers, noobs, Idiots, Fools

People that play very loud ear hurting music while your doing a traffic stop with them and their friends assisting them by ramming your car, and you.

You go on citizen team, only to have a car keep hitting your car, annoying you, and being a jerk.

You drive an ambulance to help with a medical situation, only to have your ambulance flung by reckless drivers

Sure, theres the occasional shootout. But things were not how it used to be, no longer fun.

Sure, there are other factors to criminals leaving the state, and more noobs coming in, but those other problems are developer related issues (i.e weapons suck HELL, and more), this is one of the issues, however, we can solve without developers


Crime is APART of the game. And essentially banning people for doing crimes is not gonna help the state, your jeopardizing the game, not only for criminals, but for officers for ruining their experience.


too lazy to read all the replies but

if there was more to do at the prison id be ok with having long sentence times, but currently people almost always just sit there and afk during their sentence so what’s the point?

it isn’t really fair to the criminals

you have to look at it through a gameplay perspective instead of a “this girl shoots people so i dont want her on the street anymore, shes going to jail for 3 hours”


honestly the criminal justice system is very horrible. No one that works as a judge, so far I have seen, is wary of the consequences that their hours of prison give. And fail to realize that this is a game, and not real life. Really just sad for judges to ruin the game like that. And fail to consider the cost of bringing people to prison for HOURS for playing the game. Seriously, people that play the game can do better shit then sit down and be in jail for hours, judges should give more appropriate criminal jail sentences and should also know that giving long jail sentences won’t rehabilitate anyone. Rehabilitation doesn’t work in firestone. People want to do crime, not run autoclicker for hours. Firestone is NOT AN AUTOCLICKER GAME, but judges make the prison an autoclicking game essentially. I don’t see any benefit that outweights the disadvantages to 3+ hour jail sentences.


Unfortunately, I agree. Just recently a court case was filed against me and I was charged with 3 hours of jail time. I still don’t understand why people were targeting me, someone with no record whatsoever, founder of an active business certified by commerce, and former SCSO deputy instead of the thousand criminals running around.

The legal system right now is realistic, yet too realistic, maybe to the point of ruining roleplay. Although realism is fantastic, if you really wanna be so realistic that you ruin the game, go get that job irl. Why are you sitting here writing realistic writs and stuff when you could be in a law club irl. At this point, the justice department has ruined MANY people’s lives. What about the countless good citizens who were targeted and now have a court case on their record?


true court justices are so inconsiderate