Remembrance day; asking again

evening, not going to bash anyone this year because i cant be arsed but anyways

if you are old and remember two years ago now, county executive dauntfulness gave scfd and scso employees a poppy to wear in light of the upcoming Armistice Day (11th November - the day WW1 ended) and Remembrance Sunday (closest Sunday to the 11th) wherein we take a day to reflect on the world and remember all those who gave their lives in the World Wars (and all other conflicts for that matter)

now in previous years i have been quite upset because fed came in and fedlawed daunt’s poppies, telling us we were banned from wearing them. this also happened in 2021, although they were not made in the first place. i feel like the appropriate arguments were made for them, and that the fact it is more prevalent in the United Kingdom compared to the States should not stop us from wearing them. It isn’t disrespectful to do it on roblox, otherwise you wouldnt do all your 9/11 stuff with mourning bands and parades. and the other argument of “do it irl then” - yeah, we bloody well do. in previous eyars you may not have noticed but there was a thing called covid going on, and even then we continued to show our respects however possible.

so, fed, i am kindly requesting you do not place a ban on poppies and permit us to wear them on our uniforms between the 1st and 11th day of November this year. and if you don’t want us to wear our own for the sake of “uniformity” or whatever it was you said before, then make one that we can all wear, together. thank you

i just wrote for 5 minutes straight. tldr is above if you’d like.


How can anyone forget? What happened 2 years ago
@crankyluke got suspended by fed himself for wearing poppy


I see no issue with wearing a poppy or breast cancer ribbon, it ties down to fed wanting to micromanage everything. Frankly who cares if it looks good or bad, what’s so bad about people wanting to do a small gesture to commemorate a cause they feel is important? It’s not like anyone is calling for military parades or a 2 minute silence or anything. Firestone has bigger problems to deal with than people doing stuff to commemorate dead soldiers.


gotta inform the new people about firestones heritage


Allow the poppys!


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