Redwood Mayor Elections

Redwood mayor elections
Position: Mayor

Positions Available: 1

Signature Deadline: 4/8/18

Election Sponsor: County Executive: Silanxo


Collect five (5) signatures on a support forum. The support forum cannot have been made prior to the date of which this thread was posted.
⇒ Once the set number of signatures is achieved, it must be posted on this forum with a link to your post.

Election Rules:
⇒ Can only post one speech, and may not “bump” your thread more than once every two hours

⇒ Slander will result in disqualification

⇒ Any twitter posts hinting as a campaign will NOT hinder or DQ any candidate.

⇒ Candidates MUST have a Firestone Forums account.

⇒ Any other rules specified by any law are applied here, including election laws
⇒ Campaigning begins upon release of this thread
⇒ Campaigning continues until 4/8/18 at 7:50 PM EST
⇒ Voting opens 4/8/18 at approximately 8:00 PM EST.
⇒ Voting closes 4/10/18 at 7:00PM EST. Winners will be announced later in the day.

County Executive JustLikeDev

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I have the needed signatures for my support forum. Jackson026 and Patchy319 for Redwood City Mayor and Deputy Mayor

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Excuse me how the fuck are we going to have 6 mayors?

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LOL true 1 is the main mayor the second is the deputy mayor the third is the deputy deputy deputy mayor the fourth mayor is the deputy deputy deputy deputy mayor etc

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Oh god image the bills,

Chief Sponsor:
Redwood Mayor

Co sponsors
Redwood Deputy Mayor
Redwood Deputy of the Deputy Mayor
Redwood Deputy of the Deputy of the Deputy Mayor
Redwood Deputy of the Deputy of the Deputy of Deputy Mayor
Redwood the CE has lost his mind


Was a mistake, it has been fixed.

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Too late already memed

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As the new County Executive I have taken over this election and using the same timeline. Only one Candidate reached enough support and therefor no elections needed and Jackson026 & Pathy319 have won the seat for Mayor and Deputy Mayor.


Elections concluded.

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