Rafael_Barb for County Council

I am running for county council this term to help restore the county government. The most important topic of the county government is what we can do with it, and how to fix it from the bottom up. I am more then willing to work with our county executive to ensuring the county government is running smoothly and better than ever before. My plans I wish to work with the County Executive;

  • Possible Reforming Some laws.
    I think some laws are pointless and some need to be re-worded. The charter itself is a little bit a disaster.

  • Speedy Confirmation of the next Sheriff

  • Working with State Level officials and recognizing more powers for the government and more responsibilities to for the County government to do.

My experiences:

I am formerly a:

  • County Councilor (1 Term)
  • Prominence City Mayor (1 Term)
  • Correctional Officer

I am currently the Chief Public Defender within the Department of Justice.

Please support and lets get the county government in the right direction.

Chief Public Defencer
County Council Candidate

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:warning: i warn you do not vote for this person :warning:

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No, I shall do what I want too.

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Full Support.

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Same same traffic

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Jesus, sorry for the late close. Anyway, elections over.

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