Radar Guns

I believe that the radar guns (if possible) should be able to clock the highest speed recorded in order to be able to provide some sort of evidence in the case that we would need to present it, or the person being pulled over requests is. It is not a long time before we start getting these kind of situations where they are going to start asking for proof.


If they require evidence, Record your entire patrol. This protects you and if required protects the suspect. So if in the event they wish to fight this your Patrol should be sent to the Courts to be reviewed before their case be put forward.

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The SC declined a case regarding this actually. You don’t need to prove anything to them. You just need to know they were speeding, which is possible w/o a radar gun (a key part of that case being declined). This is because the law for speeding doesn’t require a radar at all, yet alone you to show the subject. And that law is constitutional so woot.

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