Public Statement from Senator Cenosity

I would like to publicly ensure the misunderstandings of the ongoing issues that were brought up earlier today. Beginning with the nominations brought forth to the Senate for the Pardons and Parolee board, as well as comments and concerns I’ve stated in the Firestone general chat.

Pardon & Parolee Nominations

  1. I would first like to point out that the nominations for the pardon and parolee board are awaiting the vote from the senate. It is also important to note, that no matter how long they’re delayed, BOTH NotoriousAmerican, and Bonnie are still able to vote as members on the board, until we either approve or disapprove of the nominations. This being said, they can still vote on the board currently…

Senate Confirmation Hearings

  1. Currently serving as a Senator, it is my job, and responsibility to vote on nominations presented to the Senate. My concerns that should be accepted, just as anyone elses, are that we were requesting speeches from all individuals before we proceeded to vote on said nominations, which can clearly be seen on the Senate Operations trello-board. We currently do not have a speech from two(2) of the three(3) nominees, and we shall not have to vote, until we receive said speeches. With the current Senate Standing rules, if we are to do a trello/discord vote, we must receive a speech from the nominee, before we move forward to voting.

  2. As a Senator, it is also my right to hold an opinion on how I feel the processes in the way we vote as a Senate is upheld. I believe that senate nominations should not always be forced to be held on trello or discord. The comment I made about “voting NAY on all the nominations” wasn’t meant to be taken literal, and was said in a way to try to get Hecxtro to host a session in-game. Anytime he goes about hosting a session, his first act is most of the time a vote from us, choosing in-game, or to be done through trello.

  3. Since I’ve been a member of the Senate, within the special elections, 5 out of the 7 nominations we’ve voted on, have been done through trello. Nominations are to be handled by the Senate, and as a Senator, it is my right to have an opinion on how we vote on said nominations. My opinion, as publicly stated, is that nominations should be held in-game, unless the following conditions are met to be able to be held via trello and or discord:

  • the nominee has not been able to attend a Senate session within the past fourteen(14) days
  • a cabinet nominee has been unable to attend a Senate session within seven(7) days of the Governor posting their cabinet nomination
  • the Senate has not reached quorum within fourteen(14) days
  • the nomination is presented to the Senate within five(5) days of a holiday recognized by the President of the Senate.

Concerns on the Behalf of the People

I understand all of your concerns, as well as Hecxtro’s, however it is my right to have an opinion on the way the Senate functions. If I am dissatisfied with something, I’m going to point that something out, and I will say something in regards to anything I will disagree with. Unlike the majority of our Senators (not all), I stand by what I believe in, and will not at any point, change my vote to what the “other senators” think, or agree with. If you’re a Senator, and just follow along with everyone else, what’s the point of being in the Senate?

I as a Senator, review all bills that are presented, and will amend anything or try to stop the passage of anything I strongly feel will be more of an impact to our state, than it will benefit it. I also will not remove my comments in regards to legislators posting stupid legislation in accordance to “cannabalism” or the county ordinance about “cooking.” As a government or county official, you should hold yourself to a higher character than to do such to present bills in that manner.

No, I never said I’m perfect. No, I’m not saying everything I’ve said should’ve been said. But I will stand up for what I believe is right, and no-one will prevent me from doing so. Most of the people in the general chat were ticked off, because of my statements, but I have the right to say what I said legally, as they’re my opinions.

Am I actually going to “NAY all the confirmations?”

No. I’m not going to literally vote to nay all of the confirmations. It was a point that was trying to be made, in order to allow for my voice to be heard. Firestone Congress tends to throw everyone’s ideas, suggestions, and opinions down, if they don’t allign with their own, however, that’s not how our government works. I’m not changing my opinion, just because you don’t like it.

Hecxtro, should have I said what I said? Probably not. You already know what my thoughts are on you, however I should’ve been more professional in the way I handled the situation, and went to your DM’s, however you posted my opinion that you disagreed with in the Firestone General chat, trying to cause issues, because I either a. hurt your feelings, or b. didn’t have your approval to have an opinion. You doing that, shows that you basically didn’t like my opinion on what’s going on, however, you don’t have to, and I can still have said opinion.

Hope this cleared some things up.


i think you would say from the office of, or simply from, rather than on behalf. This is your own statement that you are publishing by yourself. Maybe im just going off da gloop though.


No, you’re right.


I understand what you mean fully but whats the difference between and in game or discord hearing? I don’t get why it should be just in game


For me the difference is immediate responses, real time back and fourth, not having a week to go research questions as they come. On top of that for most of these proposed nominations we don’t even have speeches. On top of this everything is on a time frame, one that could easily be ignored by the proposed party, forcing us to vote without information and without the ability to put the person on the spot at a session to really get an understanding for what their plans are. So far every nomination speech I’ve read is simply a resume with past positions, those past positions are great, but for someone like me I’m looking to know what you’re intentions are for the future and so fourth. There’s more but some stuff is hard to explain by typing.


It wasn’t our DMs


Sorry for not being clear with that. I’ll edit the post to reflect the proper images that were posted from the legislative discord.




Their term is over, they hold no power as there are effectively removed


According to Ninwin, they’re in their positions until the new are confirmed.

Also, the Senate and the House remain in their positions until the new house/senate is elected as well, right?


Aint true, unlike congress who hold terms and office till the next, I wrote it where they have 3 month terms and I wrote nothing more about holding it till next henceforth they are effectively out of their position and I did that in a purposeful manner


I mean, I guess it’s not that big of a deal right? I guess it’ll all be addressed once we as the Senate get to confirming them.

My point still stands. We’re waiting for speeches before moving to vote.

Ninwin said the following, about votes still being on the board since October.


I don’t see the issue of doing nominations on trello as Hecxtro is still allowing for speeches and questions.


You’ve missed the point. However, we’re all done with this, and I’m not keeping it going any further.


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