Proqix for Mayor of Prominence

Hello, my name is Proqix, and as of today I will be running for Mayor of Prominence.

The city of Prominence is a great city that holds our state capitol, and fine businesses in Firestone. I’d like to bring in more business to Prominence by showing business owners that Prominence is a place of tourism and worth. As mayor I’d like to also make sure that our LEO’s are doing their job in the city, as they should be, by myself showing increased activity to ensure that Prominence is taken care of for the next month or so, as this will be a short term.
With entering office, I will show leadership and show that putting me as Mayor was the correct decision. Another reason for me deciding on running for Mayor was that I’d like to gain experience in this position, so that I may run for our State Senate or House further in my career.
Well, with all of this, let me tell you about my former experience in office. Formerly, I was mainly apart of the State of Rockport and the State of Docklands, and I served two terms in Rockport House and two terms in Rockport Senate. I also served a one term in the Docklands House, before deciding that I’d like to focus more on Rockport. Before going into State politics I was the Rockport Ambassador, where I enjoyed the position, but I wanted to do more with the government for a more positive effect.
Well, with this concluding, I’d like to thank you all for reading, and I hope you decide to support me on my journey.

“Leading Prominence to a better Future”

Your Candidate,



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Sure, support.


Election over.

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