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Firestone literature

Firestone has its official library. I think this opportunity is a great place to share our creativity. I am writing a book as of now to publish in the library and one thing I ran into trouble was, an editor. Editors are vital to authors, they fix our mistakes. If you or someone you know could edit my book that’ll be fantastic. Contact me on my discord, USA2019gonzalez#0023
Also, I think that we should store legislation in the library for easy access to civilians. I mean passed laws along with other legal documents for the security and knowledge of the State.

Another thing, Firestone doesn’t have too much history. But, looking for documents talking about Firestone history is hard. I wanted to write about the history of Firestone but as it turns out its hard to find stuff on it. If you know some information on Firestone History please contact me so you could teach me. (someone should write a book on FS history, even if its short)
Any who, if you made it this far, thanks for reading. Have a good day/night.

There’s a library business called Prominence City Library owned by @StrategicResponses

Yeah that’s the one I’m talking about. Forgot to tag.

support, Prominence Library Owner

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