Preservation of the State Act of 2021 (R)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress assembled:


To preserve the functionality and integrity of the Firestone Government.


(a) This act may be referred to as “Preservation of the State Act of 2021”

(b) Any and all conflicting legislation and/or its provision shall be deemed null and void, including that of which requires direct intent to nullify, this shall serve as intent.

( c ) This Act shall be severable, meaning that in which, if any provision of this Act is found unconstitutional, the rest of this act shall be in full effect unless also found to be unconstitutional.

(d) This Act shall go into effect upon immediate passage of both Houses in Congress of the State of Firestone and signature from the Governor of Firestone into law.


(a) Any Officer of the State of Firestone, or any member of the State Government, shall be mandated under law to notify the Attorney General, in which case they believe the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or any member of the State Government shall have committed or conspired to commit felony offenses and Class A Misdemeanors, that is unlawful within the State of Firestone, which may consist of but not limited to, treason, bribery, extortion, terrorism, insurrection.

(i) “Officer” is referred to as; any “Law Enforcement Officer within the State of Firestone.”

(b) Any official described in Section 2(a) of this Act who fails to notify the appropriate individuals as a mandate under law shall have committed a criminal offense considered a high crime and shall be subject to imprisonment for aiding and abetting, removal from their position, or both.


(a) Any person who retaliates by any means of firing, suspension, extortion, bribery, or uses any other offense against the State of Firestone to persuade an official in Section 2(a) of this Act to not complete their lawfully mandated duty shall have committed an act of “Aiding and Abetting” and shall be subjected to a criminal trial, removal from their position, or both.


(b) To preserve and protect the State Government from crimes against the state, on the behest of the Governor of Firestone.

(a) To protect the employment of State Employees who seek to report any allegations of crimes against the Firestone Government orchestrated by the Government Officials.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress.

Chief Sponsor(s):

Senator SupremaLexEsto



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