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ah, so pretty much my entire term has been undone - my goal of fiercely prioritizing quality > quantity (which was successful) has been removed which I’ve covered in this post Post quantity (part 1/2)

Anyways, I’m interested to hear the communities take on this entire situation. I believe that horrifying leadership from the Director is obvious judging by his staff team revolting against him. Before commenting, read this document

So, your thoughts?


josh worse than you (no offense)


Just want you guys to know. Discord uses grammar in their emails and they still make their emails actually fun to read. Just reading this complaint about Joshua asking for you guys to be professional and try to grab the students attention is pretty sad.

Another complaint about the Discord trying to maintain being professional and to stick on its guidelines.

Screenshot showing in the document states deciding to resign over recent things implying they were going to resign either way, individual being butthurt about being removed is pretty pathetic as using

as an excuse.

There is things that is actually pretty petty and pathetic in that document that makes it funny how people are just going after him by any means.

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My concerns are primarily:

  • Quality/Quantity Issue
  • Stopped a major cleaning/rebuild to fix major flaws in the academy structure.
  • Violated employee rights (found guilty in a court of law)
  • Has almost no support from his entire staff team
  • Has mistreated and acted very poorly to Pluto
  • Has at least FIVE active court cases against him

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