Popularity - Big Problem

What if I am allergic to the sun?


lame reply

We have sun screen for a reason

Not entirely true. In real life, you get judged more heavily by anyone you meet or come in contact with. There’s going to be even more bias depending on what you do or the position you’re in. Especially when it comes to politics, hypocrisy is present and very much alive.

easy fix: allow founder to have power

the founder is not involved in bias or corruption

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Lol 10/10 solution

founder could become Grand Directorate ill pass

no worse than the popularity problem

there is literally no other solution if the most powerful government official or a large portion of the checks & balances system is biased

just FYI mayflower devs & owner have this kind of power

@jasonbourneaxis It’ll always be a thing in all Governments, in Roblox and real life.

tell me how this is any different from what happens in real life.

Its not

Here’s the fix just start inarracting with ppl in general/become active. That’s how people will actually start considering you “freindly” and “popular” in a sense. Stand out dont act like every other roblox player in this 40k group. Boom you’ve built yourself a reputation. It takes time just be patient.

if the more come = bad

“For example. If Chris did murder and he was well known and popular here. House and Senate and the people will most likely will not get him impeached. But instead give a free pass.”

I don’t think people would give someone a free pass for that big of a crime as long as there was good evidence

Sure, if it was a less bigger crime, like disorderly conduct, for example maybe they would not impeach because of popularity but not murder.

well pretty sure
we can’t really predict the main outcome of that, as it never happened.
but that is what I would think