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So, I think Firestone should have ‘U.S Marshals’ or in this case Firestone Marshals or something lol. Because a lot of times in Firestone witnesses actually can be targets and I think roleplay would be a lot more fun if the witnesses had Marshal services if they requested it because they felt they might be being targeted (I myself have killed witneses but it’s gay because they just respawn and tell the police but V3 might change that since a ragdoll update is coming. They also recover fugitive’s. And I know DOC can transport prisoners, But they are way out in greendale and Marshals could also transport prisoners so LEO’S don’t have to when they do want to RP it so they can stay in RW/Highways and take Important calls. They are also the oldest federal law agency and I think they are under rated and no state ever uses them which is sad because I love marshals, they are also really popular for executing arrest warrants and arresting felons.

How would it benefit Firestone?
1: They would of course be in charge of the witness protection program protecting them in times of need like back in the old days when African Americans were targeted, U/S marshals provided protection for them during the civil times.
2: They could transport prisoners since I Heard they do (I Do not know everything about them) so busy officers don’t have to do it (if they RP it I think they should) It’ll also be faster than DOC coming since I hope they would spawn in Aborfield.
3: It’s something new that most State groups never have and It would also make some Law Enforcement group be in Aborfield since Redwood has SCSO, greendale has FNG, CPTL has DHS, And of course FSP has highways No officer really ever goes to aborfield unless it’s a pursuit there.
4: It could be a nice Law enforcement Agency for busy people, A Lot of busy people don’t have time for POST and FFA and so on, but I think the Marshal services would not need a POST certification. I think once you join their agency, The HICCOM will host sessions or tiers if you will for them I’d say they might have to complete 4 or so sessions to become a Federal Marshal.
5: Marshals are bad*** bosses I mean legit they are some cool people lol tbh i’d be a lil thirty and jealous if they came out since my record is so bad :drooling_face:
6:t would bring something new to Firestone and make it HYPED again, I mean fs is already hyped but this would make it even MORE HYPED since ‘V3’ as some people call it LIKE I’d love to see marshals protecting witnesses, transporting prisoners, dealing with fugitives and o on. IF you are an expert or you know a lot about U.S marshals PLEASE comment it down bellow because I do not know everything about them.


Kinda useless. I’m pretty sure we would never have marshalls for any reason whatsoever.

If they have cuffs, they require POST certs. Your “no POST Cert” plan doesn’t work.


Firestone Marshals? How about no, when we have IO and SF.


IO And ‘SF’ does not give witness protection. SF is just A Special NG Force…they Support LEOS in crisis times thats pretty much all they do so huh? and Io is the same…DHS only protects important figures.

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It’s not useless, if you say that you need to say how and why not just ‘they are useless’ kinda useless comment besides the point you made about POST cert.

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PLEASE think before you type instead of just saying pointless comments to bash up the post.

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Similarly, please think before you type instead of just saying pointless “ideas” to “suggest” things for Firestone.

This is so easy to abuse. You can literally just claim to have seen any crime and then similarly claim to be targeted. This is useless. Any “witness protection” in Firestone is inherently and indelibly faulty. “Witness protection” doesn’t protect witnesses. If you’re asking for someone to bodyguard every single citizen who sees somebody get shot, you’ll have to have a force larger than FSP online every day.

Irrelevant. DoC already has limited duties. They don’t need one of their few responsibilities to be taken away and held by some group just because “they’re cool.” Leave DoC to do the PT.

Already have CRT and IO for that, buddy.

Take note that you’re saying that marshals provided protection from African-Americans during civil times – i.e. times that, according to Merriam-Webster, is “adequate in courtesy and politeness.” Who needs witness protection when everyone’s courteous and polite?

Nitpicking aside, again, witness protection would not work in Firestone. We have bailiffs to protect witnesses during court sessions, and we have FBI/IO respectively protecting and safeguarding their information. There can never be (and will never be) a witness protection program on ROBLOX that functions properly. This is time-consuming and easy to abuse. Literally next to nobody would need it, but a bunch of kids who see hit-and-runs will call for it.

Arbor is just about as far off from Redwood as DoC is – especially if they spawn on the southwestern side of Arbor. They won’t be faster than DoC. Besides, again, DoC only has a few duties – robbing them of a chance to actually do something other than watch prisoners try to escape would simply cause a rift in the community.

I’m amazed that people even have the galls to write such absurdities.

SCSO’s jurisdiction includes Arborfield, Prominence an Redwood. They already have Law Enforcement there – otherwise, wouldn’t SCSO simply be Redwood PD? Also would love to point out that you specify that these guys should be a sort-of specialized task force for executing warrants or prisoner transports or witness protection, yet want them to do the same thing as other LEOs do. Ain’t it contradictory? If you want them to do PT so as to free up some time for other LEOs to patrol their jurisdictions, then wouldn’t it be stupid to give them their own patrol jurisdiction? What if they’re BUSY?!

I’ll have to break this paragraph down into a few parts because of the astounding lack of coherence in it & and the lack of actual intelligence displayed in this number.

They have guns? POST Cert. They have cuffs? POST Cert. The devs will not agree to them having tools if they don’t have POST Cert. Take it from the FBI debacle back in January.

No. From history, DoC did this but they were forced to stop and get actual POST certifications instead. A makeshift academy does not a certification make. Besides, this is practically the same thing as getting a POST Certification anyway – albeit less useful. 4 sessions to do 1 job, when you can do 6 sessions to access every other LEO job. This whole idea about not having POST required and having a separate academy has been tried, tested, and has failed.

Irrelevant. Your envy is irrelevant.

This won’t bring any hype, at all. All I can see it doing is creating tensions between whatever these marshalls will be and the following depts;


Not only that, but we already have people to transport prisoners, hunt down fugitives, execute warrants, and protect people of interest. Marshalls would not only be redundant in the sense that it would only make being a LEO be more restricted, but it would also stir more headaches for everyone else. It’s not worth it.

This suggestion is a mess. This idea is a mess. This forum topic is a mess. This deserves absolutely no place in Firestone. Come back with some logic and maybe your next idea won’t be thrashed down again.

And that’s how you properly “bash up the post.”


image How about you think. “protect important figures” Plus stop coming up with these ideas, fedora make’s them plus he will simply say no because we have a lot of damn divisions.May 10, 2018 3:17 AM


You kill people and want to make your job harder? wow that’s a first from a criminal.


So? Yes I want more roleplay…the more agencies the better if Leos did not exist me being s criminal! Would be meaning less.

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‘Plus stop coming up with these ideas,’ are you slow? There is a reason the Founder and co-founders may 10+$ a month to keep this sight up, there is also a reason the Development suggestions tag exist, So I’ll use it whenever I think of a decent idea. And who cares if it has a lot of divisions? FS REACHES for realism and roleplay at it’s best.

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What are you talking about, Fed can’t even give DHS, FNG, DOT and DPW stuff they want and what he promised, and you want a new department, huh?

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Well, at least you didn’t post a stupid comment, I Guess this summs it up. I Did think Marshals would be a good idea until this comment, however I would like to say the witness protection program would not be abused as LEOS would ask marshals over the radio to protect someone if they deem or think they actually need it. Like after an scene of some sort. But yes I’m not a LEO so I didn’t and don’t know what every Division does. Thnaks

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DHS, FNG. And DOT Don’t need anything…what the heck would they need? DHS is the only person who needs something, and that is a CRT Bearcat, FNG is fine they have a Base, Crazy war vehicles, amazing uniforms and so on. And DOT has everything they need for there job what would DOT Need? And yes DPS does need more to do and fed is adding a lot more for them in the next update or V3, So wha?

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I still think that do to the fact that death is permanent it’s kinda pointless. Also, there really aren’t big fugitive hunt type things that go in in FS. Asside from Wit Sec and fugitive hunting, all the Marshals do is protect federal courts, which we don’t really need.


DHS - promised CRT Bearcat and minor stuff where some doesn’t even require development, but has to be approved by Fed but still isn’t
FNG - armor and vests (aswell as for DHS and SWAT)
DPW - garbage trucks
DOC (I wanted to say DOC instead of DOT, my bad) - aswell minor stuff like hats
DPS? what?

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@Hitman_Agent00 Dude @Atlyarch roasted you haard…

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Oh, okay yeah FNG does need armor and what not, I Don’t really here anyone talk about it I just hear the Bearcat topic.

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Atlyarach already gave me the answer I wanted, so I would like this forum to be closed due to all the retarted comments coming in from brainless weebs.

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Please try to keep this on topic as well as not attacking others.

Otherwise, it will be locked.