PewDiePie for House of Representatives

Citizens and Law Enforcement of Firestone, the decision for I to run as the next House of Representatives has been taken, after long deliberation and discussions.

Behind this decision, there is a lot of thought and preparation backing it up, but there’s one thing all of those decisions have, univocally, in common. The fact that I, after all, have came to the State of Firestone with the thought of helping the group evolve.

You’ll see Firestone politicians, speaking about doing something absolutely great and wonderful for our functioning state, yet they don’t tend to explain or go into further detail or try to communicate more with our citizens and law enforcement members.

I am proudly ready to serve the people of Firestone. I believe I have the capacity to conduct great actions that don’t only help me, but, more importantly, help everyone in this state.

The duty of the HoR is not something to be taken in granted. I will always be open to inquiries from Citizens regarding laws and important factors that can fix this state.
I can’t stress this enough, better communication with our citizens and law enforcement is needed. I will work closely with the Citizens and Law Enforcement of Firestone and together we will further improve this state.

Realistically, there is no stupid questions in my book. I won’t ignore your questions or suggestions. It is my honest intention to assist the State and represent the citizens in a positive manner.

That being said, I am online about 8~ hours a day and I will read all of your concerns on Discord and make sure to reply back.

There are laws that will benefit this state; but they are still not approved (yet). Elected or not, I will make sure they are approved and everyone will be happy in the long-term. As a citizen myself, I understand all the frustration everyone has and once again, together, we can make a better Firestone.

I highly believe I can uphold this position, evolve the duties, and help our citizens and law enforcement members of this state.



No support at all… Has been arrested several times in the past, just… no lmao

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This is partially identical to mine… :thinking:

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how can i support when I have arrested u before

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I have a clean record and it’ll stay like that. I’m basically a new man.


no, no ur not, I dont care if the record is cleared 100 more times,doesn’t change the fact you committed horrific crimes before

You threatened to kill the governor and now you wanna be in the government?

To me it seems your
planning something

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I don’t remember ever threatening to kill the governor - you may be thinking of a different person?

75% of my old arrests before my clean record were prison-breaks - most of them was me testing the department and how the game animations can be fixed.

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dont forget the 25% for vehicular assult, attempted murder, assult

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oooo fbi i think u have a caseeeee

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Yeah. I don’t think you seem to understand that was my past and some people who are/were elected have had a bad history.

I can’t say most of my old arrests were all that malicious. I did tests on the DOC department and the slacking members were eventually reported to a high position DOC member. I don’t know what happened to them, but I just did

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Prison break is a felony.

Yep. I have a clean history now. I’ve done bad things in the past, like you. I own up to it just like you did too.

I’m not going to argue - I’m here to help our fellow citizens, and help transition the community to better people instead of doing bad acts like I was doing.

I appreciate your concerns and I can understand your point and I will improve.

Fair enough.

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@PewDiePie yes i make mistakes, only difference is I havent committed any crimes or gone to jail

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The data reset has allowed me to change and be a better person; to do good for the community.

How are other individuals in the state going to have the opportunity to help the community improve if they are going to be disregarded for their past and not their present?



He’s had his ups and downs in the past but I’ve seen the change and the progress within him, I truly believe he can improve Firestone. The future is bright and safe in the hands of Pewdiepie.


Support! PewDiePie is someone who really works to achieve a goal if he really is motivated to do it, and in the speech above, it seems he is motivated! His past? We all have made mistakes, and most of his “bad” past was bug testing the faulty prison system! Kudos to this man here!



If he was testing then why’d he run? opgaopsbnfbhn