Petition to remove the FDoC POST Requirement

Because in all honesty, we teach the LEO Basics in COTA. It also means more people would probably take the path of FSP, SCSO, ect. This means less activity. It also serves as a little bit of preparation for the other LEO departments in the future.


Correctional Officer, PuggishGamer16 :wave:

Remove the POST requirement = Remove your cuffs, guns, citation book, and law enforcement vehicles.


what that makes no fucking sense explain how that makes sense

As for what Straphos said, POST gives you certification for your taser, gun, vehicle, citation book, cuffs upon graduation. No other Department can legally give you a POST Firearm Certification (Example) etc.

Fed is the former POST director, so before you try proving me wrong please gain some basic Firestone knowledge.

No support.

FS House of Rep.

Incorrect, he was the first Director of POST. And is Certified as he practically made the curriculum ideas.

You can’t have a gun on duty without POST, but like everything else is allowed and legal


This statement doesn’t make sense.

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oh no i used my freedom of speech using my toughts how dare i

there’s so many things I could poke fun at you right now for but I’d rather keep the topic relevant

I only said “Wow”.

But we all knew the meaning behind that statement.

don’t forget about DOC becoming a secondary job

are u serious

doc becomes a secondary i become a secondary. why? i am a secondary

Support and endorsed by Me and the Department of State. 37%20PM

Remove Guns, Cars, Citation Books, Cuffs, Taser, Etc. Then surely. Otherwise, you are Law Enforcement Officers and shall be treated like such. This betters the department, simple.

Special Weapons and Tactics.
Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office.

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Why are you complaining so much? It’s not that difficult to attend tiers, take notes and go to a graduation. Just get it over and done with instead of complaining like little babies.

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