Petition to make Flashenal DPS Secretary

This is flat out simple, Deputy Secretary Flashenal has done so much for the department. He’s done a great job, from filling out suspensions to probations to terminations, etc. This man deserves to get that role, and I think you should agree.

Some examples how he impacted me;

  1. Helped us get through 2+ Terminations.
  2. Has been there to answer my question and was up for any challenge.
  3. Helped the FDoC Hicomm on making many decisions with many different things.

These are just some examples, but I’m sure many more to come.

So, here’s what you may be asking. What about Tommy? Well, as you know, personally I haven’t seen tommy working with DPS in a while. Truly, he’s probably just there to say yes and no to the policy’s that come his way. I mean, this is why I’m making this petition.

So, with that being said I think we should have a more active, efficient, dedicated, Secretary. Thank you

Assistant Warden
Firestone Department of Corrections

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It doesn’t work this way

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thats not how it works

thats not how any of this works



It doesn’t work that way. The governor appoints the department head and after that the Senate confirms his appointment.

I don’t support this anyways, He is disrespectful to everyone after he ignores them. Not just myself included, Multiple people has

a. that ain’t how it works
b. tommy is trying to listen to people now at least

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c. the term is ending so POSSIBLY some might change

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