Petition for myself to be unbanned from Firestone for FRP

I was recently banned from Firestone for ‘FRP’ which is 100% bullshit. I was not frping I was rping actually. Irl you get people swimming in water to evade so why is it frp in firestone. Plus I was only about 50CM off the ground at that point not even at the top of the bridge so it wouldnt be a pain no where i mean no where in the frp guide does it state that swimming in water to evade is frp. im a long time criminal how the fuck was i meant to know that ive been playing for 8 months i didnt know because it wasnt in the frp guide its hidden off somewhere in annoucments for no one to see like me this is bs.

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heres my evidence of ‘frp’


You can appeal by going to the appeal center located in the firestone research and development group games.