PeterMercer for Stapleton County Council

PeterMercer for Stapleton County Council

  1. Introduction
    Howdy, I am PeterMercer and I am creating this petition for my run for County Councilman for Stapleton County. I am an old member of Firestone who has been away for quite some time, and is looking to once again to help represent the people of Firestone. I am a former member of the House of Representatives, who was elected in 2018. I have led and developed for many groups in my four-year absence, and have drafted many plans based on the will of the common citizen. I hope to represent the people of Stapleton County as well as I represented the State of Firestone in the past.

  2. Agenda
    Before ever entering the community of Firestone, I have drafted many manuals and outlines for military groups. I have experience as a Representative writing and sponsoring bills, and I have not forgotten how to organize and create policy for the people that I represent. I plan on writing policy on two major issues:

    • Supporting commerce and business within the county, so that there are ways for people to thrive in our community
    • Fight against senseless crime and make it harder for criminals to conduct activities that chip away at our community

These are the constant struggles that have been resolved in the past but resurface if the wrong people are in charge.

  1. Summary
    I plan on representing the people of Stapleton County in the way they wanted to be represented. As a result, anyone is free to DM me at peter_m#9325 about their personal concerns about county government, county policy, or the state of the county itself. I truly want to become a representative of the county, and I can only do that through community outreach and communication.


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I support.


Thank you!

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why?? it’s really already hard for criminals to do some criminal activities

how will you do this?

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User not on the ballot.