☭ Patchy319 for County Council ☭

☭ Patchy319 For The Stapleton County Council ☭
Who are you comrade?
Hello comrade! My name is Patchy319 and I am currently running in the Stapleton County Council elections. I have been on roblox since 2011 and have co-founded Coffee Corner and a few other minor groups. I am running for the Stapleton County Council because I want to help Firestone in ways I know I can.
☭ Experience ☭
I have alot of experience on roblox because I have been on roblox since 6/12/2011. This proves I have the qualification of leadership and most importantly dedication to be running for this position. Below are a few of my notable position I have held in the past.

  • Co-Founder of Coffee Corner
  • Capital Coffee Executive
  • TRC Commander
  • Rockport Homeland Security (CTU Division)
  • Rockport National Security Committee Deputy Head

☭Plan For The County☭
I have noticed the Stapleton County Government becoming stale and dying. However, it is not too far gone! I believe with a bit of work it can become revived and vivid. Below is a few of the goals I plan to accomplish…

One reason the county is becoming stale is because there is little to do there. I believe we could fund more tourist attractions to be in the county. Take for example, the community pool. It is a nice pool, but there isn’t any fun waterslides or anything special about it. That would be great to get more people into the county!

The Economy
In Stapleton County, the economy is out of wack! Gas prices are high to their real life counter parts and pay for jobs in the county isn’t great either. We could also use more businesses in Stapleton, as it would allow money to be spent on more than just cars and guns. I would love to fix this drastic economy by raising wages, moving in more businesses and lowering gas prices.

In conclusion, Stapleton County needs a revamp in their government, and with me on your county council I would do my best to Make Stapleton County Great Again!
If you would like to support my campaign, Please sign this forum with either


Thank you for your time, and have a great rest of your day! :sunglasses:





I like it, we need you, Signed


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can you explain the bits :thinking:

Commuism Prevails, Urah Comrade. Spasibo for running in the name of communism.



I don’t think TRC gives you experience as a county council


Was about to say that but, he has good County Ideas. So maybe the bad out weighs the good?

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Elections over.

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