Opinion on SCSO

Been quite some time since something like this was made, especially on SCSO.

However, I’m just here to figure out what exactly the issue that people have with SCSO is.

This is why I am asking you guys, and I am looking forward to every type of (constructive) criticism.

Please do not just write pure hate, but rather criticism (what you don’t like and why without insulting anyone directly).

Everyone just says “SCSO is corrupt”, “SCSO is power hungry ".

I make this forum post to ask you guys to tell me why that is in further detail to provide insight, on some of your concerns.

You may even leave your own suggestions for (SCSO Leadership) if you really want to.

This in a effort to show transparency and to improve relations with the Citizens.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, feel free to DM me

theres literally nothing wrong what


Well sometimes you have to take citizens concerns very seriously so the citizens that have expressed their personalized opinion on this matter in-game can give some elaboration on why they feel like that.

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SCSO just straight up sucks. They are a department with 100+ Sky_Laws.


@Cuxle AYO AYO!


Mr. Law may have his flaws but he has been wronged on several occasions.


The command is unstable, I have witnessed it first hand.

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I trained you in SCSO for one of your field trainings and you made me literally want to cry. you didn’t know the map, you were telling me to do your radio transmissions when you were the trainee, etc. you should be the LAST PERSON SPEAKING ABOUT A UNSTABLE COMMAND


I had many of my Ride Along Instructors state I knew the map, and I do. I don’t recall you being my Instructor.

Good Evening,

So you’re saying it’s a leadership issue?

Yes basically.


Corruption is a very strong word, one I wouldn’t use to describe the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office. Yes, you may notice that I’m a Corporal and SWAT Senior Operative in the department, but that doesn’t mean I will always agree with or back the department and defend it.

Every department has its issues, some rather larger than others. Yeah, recently the Sheriff’s Office has been receiving a large amount of heat, be it through its employees receiving a number of Public Safety investigations, the department being taken to trial in the District Court, or simple acts of misconduct and unprofessionalism from Deputies whilst on duty in Stapleton County V2. These don’t mean that the department as a whole is an issue, nor does it mean that all of its employees are the issue.

What irritates me is that whenever something poor in terms of conduct, etc, occurs, that shadow is cast on every employee of the department. This isn’t fair at all, nor is it an accurate representation of every employee. Just because one bad apple does something poor doesn’t make us all bad apples. I understand that recently, a large number of bad apples have come directly from the Sheriff’s Office, but don’t judge everyone employee of the department by it.

However, I won’t sit here and say that we’re a perfect department, because that isn’t true. If that were true, @JamesDeeks would be out of a job (he’s the Sheriff if you didn’t know that). He’s more than aware of the misconduct by Deputies that occurs on duty in Stapleton County V2, however it’s difficult for it to be punished. Why? because most complaints him and his High Command receive have 0 proof of identification. That means the problematic Deputy in question cannot be punished for it.

Yes, we’ve had several Public Safety audits and of the two, neither have highlighted that there have been any large issues within the Sheriff’s Office. The most they have shown is that an odd member of Command has been inactive, which has minorly slowed down internal operations for a short period.

I won’t lie to you though, of course there are issues. There have been times where members of Command and/or High Command have been seen specifically targeting employees such as crankyluke when moderating our Discord server. There have been times where Deputies have shot civilians in crossfire during gunfights, run over civilians during pursuits, sprayed/batoned/tased/handcuffed civilians during an attempt to apprehend a suspect - some of these completely accidental. There have been times where Deputies have acted/spoken in a toxic manner, unprofessionally or to purposefully be rude or disrespectful - this has been a larger issues in the more recent weeks and months.

I have to admit though, a lot of the time, people like you reading this don’t give the Sheriff or his High Command the time to investigate and deal with the issues I listed above. They aren’t always going to be able to solve the issues and they aren’t always going to make the right decisions when they do, but at the end of the day, they’re only human beings and they aren’t perfect.

If you want the issues to be dealt with, instead of shouting “SCSO just straight up sucks” or “the command is unstable”, be constructive in your criticism, provide evidence to support your criticism, give them the ability and the time to be able to look into and resolve the issues you highlight to them.

They’re only humans. Be kind but don’t be afraid to highlight your opinion respectfully.

@JamesDeeks, be nice too sir :slight_smile:



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Sky gets way too much hate, much more than he deserves in my opinion. There are people that hate him just to hate him it seems. He may have flaws but don’t we all


james is doing a good job.


Just for record, this is my decision and exactly what I said to SCSO.

"I’m not going to order something related to detainment times, just for SCSO to follow. It’s not fair for only one department to be required, and I’m not gonna have our officers having to time themselves…while other state LEO departments are going [Detaining] for as long as they want. I’d like to also note that the 2 incidents happening in SCSO [in the short period of time] is simply coincidental, and I know for a fact this is a state issue as well that just hasn’t been reported recently.

If the state wants to go through those steps [to pass a detainment law], they have every right too, but I personally won’t be giving special restrictions only to make our Deputies lives harder. I don’t disagree with a detainment law (within reason) whatsoever, [and I’m surprised we don’t already have some form of one…]but its not happening when its selective to certain departments. Cant say I don’t fight for y’all [SCSO], and if anyone has a concurring opinion my dms are always open.

From now on, PLEASE just try to be better about not being an ass by holding on to people for that long. I get it, things happen, but just…try? For me? Thanks."

Id also like to add, the amount of mistakes that an officer would make trying to rush time on detainment (to lead to an arrest) would cause great issues, unless given enough time to do their job correctly. If a detainment law is made, I ask whoever writes one to please give more than enough time for an officer to pull up the legal documents, decide the best course of action, and allow enough time to request a supervisor etc.

Also can someone please update the damn google sheet? I understand the Trello is set up, but its 10x easier to look up laws in the google sheets, and doesn’t require as much computer strength to keep running. As much as the Department of Justice loves to do their jobs (#ThinBrownLine lmao), I think we could all agree that minimizing the amount of arrest fuck ups is a good lifestyle to live by.

Thank you for reading my Candor. Stop shitting on my Deputies.


the hell you mean “Power hungry” or “Corrupt” We are none of those. Wtf? People just write pure hate when they get arrested so its simply that.

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  1. Sky_Law is not in SCSO.


Sky is not in SCSO.