Opinion on Municipalities

What is your standing opinion on municipalities (includes Mayor, City Council, etc)?

  • Needed.
  • Sorta needed.
  • Not needed at all.

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I’d recommend sharing your opinion(s).

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I feel like it’s better to have the county government just run the entire show, but I’m not 100% against it. As long as the Municipalities do what they’re supposed to do, and do it right, I’m fine.


I see City Governments as another opportunity to give people the experience and knowledge they require to advance to higher levels of government.
I know from my personal experience any lower government position helps.

Now, others may argue, that the City Governments are pointless because it just adds to ones resume. But they must understand that the county governments seems to do little but attempt to meddle with city government affairs and attempt to increase their powers. For example, a law/amendment was passed to allow for the appointment of councilman by the council and/or executive, while they used to be elected positions. This is extremely unfair to the citizens, yet they have no say in this, or really care too much. If this was done with congressmen, this would be a big news story and would possibly be very frowned apon by many. (It would also be un-constitutional, but ignore that for now)

Another reason why we need municipal governments, is to prevent county government micromanagement. I’m sure the county government has difficulty developing ideas, and would not want to make laws for each city or area. As that would be inefficient. Thus, we have city governments. City governments help the flow of everything.

Another reason we need city municipal governments, is to ensure that the citizens of Firestone are equally represented. As by having 3 government levels (State, County and City), we can get a usually equal representation of the citizens, as well as the ideas, suggestions and such they have. Infact, this may relate in a way towards the way businesses are organized. They have Top level, mid level and front line management groups. It would make more sense for a citizen to goto the city government (Front line in management terms) if they have a suggestion for one city, rather than immediately to the county government (Mid-level in management terms).

And that is all the reasons I believe municipal are required for Firestone’s sustainability and future

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