Operation_Blackbird for Redwood City Council

Hello, I am Operation_Blackbird and I am running for Redwood City Council.


Current Volunteer Firefighter
Current SCSO Deputy (1S44)
Current Associate Bank Manager of Redwood Bank
Current Original Pizza Cook
POST Class 51 Certified
Former Firestone National Guard Private First Class
Former Department of Transportation Employee

About me:

I’m a Deputy in Stapleton County Sheriff’s Department. I joined Firestone in 2017 then left joining the fire department. I found some small time in between life and decided to rejoin Firestone.

My Plans:

  • I have plans to change Redwood and drop the crime rate. As you all know Redwood has the highest crime rate in Stapleton County, and I plan to change that! I plan to change the crime rate and the shootings by acting a buyback plan.

  • I plan to voice the opinions and actions that Redwood citizens want to happen. I don’t plan on making my own but hearing what the people want. I’ll host regular events to hear what the citizens of Redwood want.


You should vote for me because I am willing to help Redwood with bills to make it a better and safer place then it is now. I am willing to be active and dedicate time to make Redwood a better place with your guyses input.

Vote Operation_Blackbird for Redwood City Council!

For Firestone, By Firestone!

Thanks for Reading hope you support,


Full Support. Great person!

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That very broad, what do you plan to do to fix the crime?

I plan on enduing a buyback plan for criminals to give their guns away for cash, and citizens of Redwood that have criminal records and wanna clean their record can help out DPW by doing car washes, picking up trash, etc.

So giving criminals more money to then buy more guns? No support

No, the criminals that wanna go clean.