Opening of Redwood Driving School and Grand Opening Event

Redwood Driving School Grand Opening Public Event
Located on the corner of December Road and 107th Avenue

Greetings citizens of Firestone,

As you can see, Redwood Driving School will be having its grand opening very soon. We are attempting to bring back the driving school business to Firestone to continue to promote driver safety within the state. Students will be able to graduate with a certificate once completing our training requirements and passing a Final Exam. Note that we are not a DMV and we are not here to require people to come to us. It is voluntary and for fun. Our driving school will both promote fun and safe driving. Even if you are employed within a department within Firestone, we will still accept you as a student so you can learn more about the road. Within this post, you will see what will be happening and what the event will encompass.

I. Event Information

Our grand opening party is open to the public and will happen on Monday May 31 at 1:00 PM EST. The party will happen at our driving school in Redwood on the corner of December Road and 107th Avenue which is next to Pins and near the Department of Transportation.

Our parking lot is reserved for VIP parking and law enforcement. All citizens are asked to park at the parking lot at Pins and make a very short walk to our building in which you will be directed by law enforcement.

The event will start at 1:00 PM EST and we will have different businesses catering us, so food will be included in the event! We will have a meet and greet with the school administrators in which you will be able to ask questions about the business. On that day, we will be also opening student applications and will officially start accepting our first group of driver students.

II. Business Information

Redwood Driving School is based in the beautiful city of Redwood in the State of Firestone. Our mission is to promote driver safety in the state as the leading driving academy. We have a team of dedicated instructors always there to help our students become better and smarter drivers. If you have any general questions about the business, be sure to contact me personally or our Head of Public Relations, Automationeer.

Along with this post, we will be opening up our discord communications server so you can directly be a part of our community. Our link is below!

As our company grows, we do plan on making partnerships with different departments across Firestone. Currently, we’ve been working with the Department of Transportation, Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office and POST. We don’t plan on having a mandate on driver training nor will we ever. We wish to work with different agencies in Firestone in order to take a certificate earned from us as something that can be noted and seen on an application and hopefully many incentives can come from taking courses with us. Our business is meant for fun and we want to spread that fun onto others.

III. Conclusion

We hope that we can see everyone at our grand opening party on Monday. If you have any questions about this event or in general, please ask us.

Director of Redwood Driving School


Will this finally start to decrease the insane SRTs?

Find out now, at whenever-I-do-news-again Network.


CV drivers scarier


CV drivers no longer ramming at CD?!?


Won’t be scary much longer :wink:


I had to reread that before I thought something else lol.


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