One Last Time

end lyrics from the Hamilton musical’s One Last Time- i’m really addicted to hamilton qq
written while listening to One Last Time Instrumental on loop- right click player, click loop, remember to do same to disable
“every good resignation letter needs an edit, or two, or three” ~jef 2018

It is currently 11:19 AM as I’m beginning to type this, the expectations of which I believe will be enough to write a college essay of my own.
As you may or may not have heard, I have decided to step down from my position within the Fire Department.

Several weeks ago, I made the unfortunate mistake within the Fire Academy of altering a student’s test grade following their failure. This was following several repeated requests, of which I should have said no. However, in this due process, my remorse won out, and I attempted to provide partial credit on several choices, including a single question that would cause some debate within the Training Staff. Nevertheless, being as shallow as I can with the details, this single question, along with the moral ambiguity of grading an already published exam, and potential bias for this particular student, of which I maintain there was none; and others may say so, but they’re wrong; created a major situation within the Training Staff in which I was revoked of my Chief Training Officer position and placed under suspension, and demoted to Paramedic within the Fire Department.
I promptly filed my two weeks notice, of which I maintain is a bullshit protocol, since who the hell even wants to shift while they’re undergoing resignation?

My decision to vacate my position in the SCFD comes not only from that factor, which has played a large percentage of about 55% in these events, but because of the experiences and feelings I felt whilst I was suspended and demoted, which make up the other 45%.
Everyone here will understand when I use the phrase, “old habits die hard”. I’ve been playing this game for ten years, having joined May 18th, 2008, while I was in second grade. A long ass time ago.
I am now in senior year of high school, and trying to get my plans for college on track. Throughout these ten years, and a little more, I’ve had to face challenge after challenge, with my parents’ divorce, failing grades, isolation from both of my parents, the realization that “these aren’t just philosophical questions- I’m questioning suicide”, self-diagnosed depression which I’ve been very good at hiding, and ultimately, releasing my social anxiety and moving from a children’s game, which I could have- and should have- given up a long time ago, to beginning to make actual, real life friends, and socializing with them more and more.

However, you may question my resolve here. A demotion isn’t as significant as a full termination, or a blacklist, which I would have gotten had it not been for partial leniency. But, as I shall object, first, you haven’t read the entire chunk of text above. Do that now.
Second, only those that have resigned beforehand will comprehend the circumstances I am faced with. I will not dedicate myself to a group no further for its hassles, its stresses, and its conflicts that it has created in my working with myself, our fellow members, and our citizens.
Read on.

Through these years, I had remained dedicated to Roblox, forfeiting my position within my family to become a member within a group of friends that I deemed my family, and vice versa. However, this meant I broadened the expanse between reality and virtuality, and I failed to realize this, as I dove further and further into the ravine. I became socially detached, preferring Roblox over literally everything else.
But, during the three or so days of my suspension, I decided to begin looking towards the positives, instead of crying and complaining and threatening suicide like how many people that still remain on Roblox, dedicated to their groups, tend to do. I maintained to the three people involved with my suspension that my respect for them as personal humans had never wavered, and came to the realization that the suspension, and subsequent demotion, would do much more than just relieve me of this dreadful dedication which I knew I should have denounced, revoked, and given up.
During those three days, I felt a sense of freedom. I felt a sense of independence, a sense of bliss, a sense of- total calm.
Dropping my feelings for Roblox as a whole on some occasions, I came to the realization that I had dedicated much of my previous ten years focused on this game, that I had not been able to pursue my wants in life, dedicate myself to volunteer hours required for college, go out and socialize, make friends in school and elsewhere, or dedicate myself to my family, which I still have mixed feelings about, but am now beginning to come to the conclusion that they, despite their actions towards me, are still working to benefit me, no matter how much they insult me, denounce me, yell at me, or make me throw myself in bed, weeping silently, with only Ahsoka- yes, Ahsoka, or just a mental fragment of her- to comfort me nonexistently.

Dropping my work for Roblox means that I will have the ability to pursue so much of what I’ve lost. A paying job. Better grades in school. Friends, family, people who care about me.

While on Roblox, I’ve been through so much- every update since the Golden Age, back in 2008-09. I’ve been through its ups and downs, the peaks and the pits. I’ve found groups to dedicate myself to, families to form and bond with, and discovered my social side- that I’ve never been able to truly express- through interacting with my friends that I’ve introduced myself to over the years. Yet, I never realized just how much time it took away from reality- while I was on here, it was my home away from home, a place to escape, a place to express my true feelings, to become someone that I’m not.

However, it’s time for me to grow up. It’s time for me to devote myself, my time, my life to a greater cause, a greater something, not just a group of people that I’ll never be able to meet, or see physically. Only words on a screen from someone halfway across the world that I’ll never know.
It’s time for me to move away from this game that I’ve dedicated so much to. It’s time for me to leave.
Realizing that each person here has so much potential that they’re putting to waste, pursuing Roblox instead of focusing on their grades, their education, their family, their friends, their lives, has made me realize that I can achieve so much more by revoking my status within this great state.

I expect that I don’t have to mention specific people when I say that everyone here has had profound impacts on the way I view my fellow friends, companions, comrades, and confidants. There will be no honorable mentions. There will be no shoutouts. Each one of you knows your place in my history in this group; the Fire Department, the Academy, my fellow citizens that I’ve come to know and enjoy my company with.

I won’t be resigning completely. I’ll still be around on Roblox, I’ll still be around on Firestone- especially since I’m a game moderator, but I won’t be on that much anymore, or at least on Firestone that much. I’ll still dedicate myself to my duties as a game moderator, and I will additionally dedicate my duties as a game moderator to the services of Firestone- the State Patrol, the Sheriff’s Office, the Fire Department, Transportation, Public Works. I’ll be there for you whenever you need someone kicked or banned instead of pepper sprayed off the roof of your vehicle.

As a consequence of this, I won’t be there anymore for my fellow citizens. I won’t be dedicating myself to working with my fellow firefighters and paramedics no longer. I won’t be dedicating myself to ensuring the continuing, prosperous education of our eager cadets, applicants, and students. For, now, it’s time for me to take the promotion to the position of private citizen, to resign myself to a life of peace and tranquility, not busying myself with the hassles of “work” and my “career”, nor the stupid questions posed by people who probably shouldn’t be in the Academy in the first place, or, should I shudder to say it, paperwork.
After a year of service to my fellow citizens, as a Paramedic, Paramedic in Charge, Medical Operations Captain, and Chief Paramedic, as well as educating our newcoming students as a Chief Training Officer, it is now my time, as it has been for others.
It’s time for me to join my fellow citizens in their own endeavors, forsaking any further position within this great state, and for me, by extension, Roblox, in seeking, for lack of any more impactful words, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
These words, ingrained and embedded into the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, shall now be my guiding light, of which I dedicate myself to, not the glow of a laptop screen, any longer.

But, now, this is another chapter of not just my time here on Roblox, but my life closed. I’m basically leaving a ten year devotion behind to pursue something bigger, greater, grander, more significant to me than Roblox.
I’m taking the step that many others have taken before me- great people, dedicated to their service, to their community, to their people in our virtual lives that we have built for ourselves, but necessitating the higher call of true, real life, its freedoms, its independence, its liberties and guarantees of prosperity through dedication, perseverance, and their ultimate achievements, goals, and highest of ambitions.
It’s time for me to do what I want in life. It’s time for me to detach myself from this parasite that’s kept me here for ten years, it’s time for me to push ahead and become something that I could have only been on this game, it’s time for me to seek that sweet spot in my life, that paradise that says that I’ve finally made something out of myself.
Thank you for giving me this chance. I may have failed it, but you bet your ass it was the greatest fucking time I’ve ever had.

It’s time to sign my signature on this forum within a personal position.
As they say in Hamilton, one last time.

12:29 PM

“Though, in reviewing the incidents of my administration, I am unconscious of intentional error,
I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors.
I shall also carry with me the hope that my country will view them with indulgence,
and that, after forty five years of my life, dedicated to its service, with an upright zeal,
the faults of incompetent abilities will be consigned to abilities,
as I myself must soon be, to the mansions of rest.
I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat, in which I promise myself to realize,
the sweet enjoyment of partaking, in the midst of my fellow citizens.
The benign influence of good laws, under a free government,
the ever favorite object of my heart, and the happy reward, as I trust,
of our mutual cares, labors,
and dangers.”

one last time.
(george washington’s going home!)
teach him how to say goodbye!
george washington’s going home!
george washington’s going home!
george washington’s going home!
history has its eyes on you-you-you-yeaaaaaah! (george washington’s going home!)
we’re gonna teach them how to say goodbye! (teach them how to say goodbye!)
teach them how to say goodbye! (teach them how!)
to say goodbye! (to say goodbye!)
say goodbye! (say goodbye!)
one last tiiiiiime!
(one last time!)


cool and good.


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When you take a game to serious 101


aka why you shouldn’t play roblox for 10 years


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WE LOVE YOU JEFF. My DMs are open for our late night talks. Much respect godspeed!


o7. also, loving the Hamilton usage. 10/10 would recommend


when you make a typo and can’t edit it


Holy fuck. I actually read all of this. I dont know how I feel inside.


you’ll be back soon, have a fun break


h o l y s h i t


I’ve been playing this since 2013. I’m addicted and it has hurt me but yet its also given a community that I turn to in times of need.


where is the one sentence version.


holy crap is that a tear. what the heck is this essay.

tyfys jeff, was fun playing with you.


Also, since you like hamilton, here it goes.

“Take the bullets out yo gun!
Thake the bullets out yo gun!
We move under cover and we move as one
We got one shot to live another day
I wont let a stray gunshot give us away
We fight up close, join the battle and stay in it
Either that or meet the buisness end of a bayonet
The codeword is Rochambo, got it?
You have your orders now go men go”

(italics is ensamble)


and so the american experiment begins
with my friends all scattered to the winds
john laurens is in south carolina, redefining slavery
we’ll never be free until we end slavery!


When we finally drive the british away,
Layfyette is there waiting in chessepeke bay!
How did we know this plan would work?
We had a spy on the inside, thats right,