On the Topic of Decapitating the LEAs

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I present to you On the Topic of Decapitating the LEAs.
This is a long thread. tl;dr at key points.

Having taken half a college credit in Criminal Justice thanks to Leon M. Goldstein High School’s College Now course, I can now say with justifiable certainty I have some experience in interpreting all this damn bullshit that’s going on.

For those of you who are apparently not in the know, Warrior got terminated from Undersheriff due to his POST certification being revoked, due to negligent brandishing of a weapon, which falls under misuse of a certified weapon.

Meanwhile, Fob, on the other hand, got terminated from Superintendent due to him accidentally hitting a vehicle and fleeing the scene, as well as misusing his weapon when realizing a felon was in his vehicle, which isn’t part of the video.

Butsworth, ever so fantastic governor that he is, originally attempted to pardon Warrior, but the pardon was struck down by the Supreme Court. Any potential backlash by POST could have resulted in those involved being imprisoned for pretty obvious judicial reasons.

tl;dr warrior pointed a gun and got fired, fob hit somebody in a car with his car and got fired, buts tried to fix it but couldn’t because of the supreme court, and if anyone in POST resists these two, they get jailed

Now for Criminal Justice 101.
In order for there to be a crime, and therefore in order for there to be some sort of actual punishment, there must be two things:
Mens Rea, the mentality of committing a crime
Actus Reus, the action of committing a crime
You cannot accuse a person of robbing a bank without MR- they plotted to rob the bank- and AR- they robbed the bank.

By this mentality on which all crimes are based on, I’ll be breaking down Warrior and Fob’s separate incidents.
Having come out of a three hour court case yesterday and having to recreate Twelve Angry Men, I’ll be operating within the scope of the courts, meaning the evidence will only be used to back up the presented charges.

tl;dr you need to think of doing the crime and actually do the crime for it to be an actual crime, and i’m going to be working in the perfect roleplay world of firestone because that’s how the courts look at this evidence


Figure 1: Warrior identifies himself to the plaintiff. This could be considered impersonation, but Warrior is still POST certified and the Undersheriff. Interpretation will vary, but since it wasn’t part of the charges, I’ll say it wasn’t, especially given the logic.

Figure 2: Both vehicles are glitched into each other.

Figure 3: Warrior is brandishing an AK47 at the grey Charger.

The single charge presented here is

tl;dr warrior pointed a gun at a glitched car which is considered unlawful apparently

We can see in the provided evidence that Warrior is pointing an AK at an empty car.
Now, there are several ideas as to what could have happened:

  • he was attempting to unglitch the vehicles, which is completely logical
    guns in the County, along with a number of other tools, are able to collide with parts and bricks, and force them apart- this could have been Warrior’s intention


  • he accidentally took out his AK and the plaintiff got a screenshot at exactly the right moment.

Per FULA, the intentional misuse of a “recreational use” weapon is considered a felony and can result in arrest.
However, also per FULA, unintentional misuse of weapons will only result in a fine of $200 to $1000.

Per the evidence, the only thing we can see here is Actus Reus- Warrior appears to have committed the crime. But was he thinking about committing the crime? More than likely not.
For there to have been a crime, Warrior would have been thinking, “I’m going to point my gun at this car because I can.” However, there obviously isn’t- Warrior was more than likely attempting to unglitch his vehicle, which clearly isn’t a crime, utilizing the best available tool to him, or he simply accidentally took out his weapon.
There’s AR, but not MR- this incident was unintentional.
So why was Warrior terminated from SCSO and had his POST cert revoked instead of being fined $1000 per FULA?

tl;dr FULA says purposely pointing a gun = arrest, pointing a gun by accident = citation. Warrior was trying to unglitch his car/ he took it out accidentally, which is unintentional, so why did he get terminated instead of being cited?

Ergo, banging the gavel on this first incident, there was no purposeful crime committed due to no MR. Warrior should thus be allowed to keep his POST certification and by extension his job, and should only have to pay back the required fine.


The second incident involves Fob accidentally hitting a vehicle.

Now, I’m only going to be focusing on the charges of hit and run and vehicular assault, not the gun charge, because until I get further information and reply to this whole thing in the morning, my main focus is on the vehicle crap.

We can clearly see in the evidence that Fob, in his open Jeep, hits a red Mustang.
However, upon much closer analysis of the video/ GIF, you should be able to notice several things.

  • Directly prior to the crash, Fob’s car stops and freezes for a couple of seconds or so.
  • The red Mustang continues to move.
  • The red Mustang drives into the position where Fob’s car is next moved into.
  • Once Fob recovers from being frozen, he uncontrollably drives into the red Mustang.

tl;dr bruh that WAS your tl;dr just read the damn list above this thing

It’s common knowledge that Stapleton is a pretty laggy place. While many people may have computers bought or built to handle the stress, especially command members, lag can still get to the best of us, which can include- you guessed it- Fob.

Explaining each step of the incident:

  • Fob has a sudden lag spike. This is explained by him slowing down and freezing, while the red Mustang CONTINUES TO DRIVE FORWARD. This may have been local or serverwide, since the Mustang also slowed down considerably, but it still continues to move.
  • The Mustang continues to move forward into a position where Fob is unable to avoid ramming it.
  • Fob recovers from his lag, and, given a very rough estimate of 5 nanoseconds of reaction time, is unable to maneuver to avoid the crash- an attempt which is seen AFTER THE CRASH, when he swerves, pushed back, and is pushed back by the Mustang.

So, where exactly does hit and run and vehicular assault come into this?
It shouldn’t, plainly for one- well, two main reasons. There was no MR, and Fob was the only party that attempted to avoid the accident.
MR: the thought of committing the crime.
AR: the act of committing the crime.

Fob didn’t have the intention of purposefully ramming the red Mustang, which is the MR aspect. The AR aspect, however, can be clearly voided because of one thing: the lag. Lag is considered an FRP element since it deters streamlined roleplay and gameplay, so one can consider him also “ramming” the vehicle as FRP, and as such, both hit and run and vehicular assault are null and void. In fact, both vehicles continue to move directly after the incident- meaning neither of them bothered to RP it, meaning, in the RP world, the incident never happened.

However, in the mentality that the incident did happen, Fob isn’t to blame. In fact, why would the red Mustang not try to avoid the crash either? Why was it only Fob that attempted to swerve to the side?
If there’s anyone that somebody should try to stick charges to, it should be the driver of the red Mustang- for failing to avoid the crash, and for purposefully continuing their trajectory despite ample enough time to begin maneuvering to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

There was no MR, and the AR was debatable at very best, especially because Fob was the one attempting to avoid the vehicle, and in that, the crime, in the first place. In fact, this entire thing (the vehicle thing, not the gun thing) could be considered null and void, simply based on Fob experiencing those two seconds of lag, and based on both parties choosing to FRP the incident and ignore what happened.

tl;dr Fob crashed into the Mustang, but it was because of lag, and they decided to FRP it so the charges technically shouldn’t stick, but that doesn’t just mean he caused the accident- blame the damn Mustang driver

Banging the gavel on Fob’s incident: the (vehicle) charges should not stick because Fob did not have any intent to ram the vehicle, and while the crime technically may have been committed, it can be considered null and void based on lag circumstances and the decision to purposefully ignore the roleplay incident that occurred.

As for my two cents on the gun charge, let’s be brutally fucking honest for a second: If you were in your car and you suddenly realized that a wanted person that posed a potential imminent threat that could be armed at that very instant because of their known background was in your car with you, what in tarnation would you do?

Jeffrevin, Jeffrevin, & Jeffrevin, Attorney at Law, hereby finds WarriorStateKiller and Fobagosalot innocent of the charges brought upon them for purposeful malicious intent.
We, the trio of Jeffrevins, sentence Warrior to pay a reparation of FSD$1000 for his unintentional misuse of a certified recreational weapon.
We, the trio of Jeffrevins, hereby expunge the charges brought against Fobagosalot, with circumstances concerning his nonexistent intent of harm, his condition of ingame lag, and the unanimous decision by him and the presented opposing party to decide to void the incident having just taken place.

bangs fucking gavel

So, with all this having been written, can I take the Firestone BAR exam now?

tl;dr not guilty but warrior still has to pay that $1000 fine
thanks for taking a good ten fucking minutes out of your life to read this lol

If you’re a person of good social standing in Firestone and you somehow screw up and the judicial system decides to fuck you up, don’t friggin’ worry.
Jeffrevin, Jeffrevin, & Jeffrevin’s got your back.*


*at least on the forums. entry into the firestone court system as an attorney is not guaranteed. hiring flat rate starts at $500 and proceeds up to $5000 to pay for SCFD Counter Terrorism weaponry fees.

note, it’s your belief and your choice what to think about each person’s reputation- i’m only here because i want to justify both person’s standings, they’re good people no matter what you think of them and both people deserve better from our state- or, well, either person, depending on who you like



fob = british = lag
also red car left which shows he didnt care when he got hit

i agree with everything said.


Honestly. I do agree. And if they do Impeach him… No one is qualified for Superintendent. Basically FSP is fucked.


So if someone is important their crimes don’t matter


You make some very valid legal points however as you come to become accustom to our legal system you will find that the law here does not act like irl law.

Also the BAR opens Nov. 1 and I would highly encourage you to subscribe (its free) to the daily newsletters sent out by http://www.scotusblog.com/ .

(I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors found. I am currently half asleep.)


or we could just realise that this is fucking roblox and act accordingly. People are out to get people, somehow, and we find ourselves making this shit…


It seems the opposite, is troopers, deputies, etc can get off extremely easy, if we have AAG/AG friends, we can get let off the hook easily, from what I have seen.


I find it crazy that we are blaming the red mustang for the crash that happened. Yes, given the circumstances the red mustang could have moved out of the way but the fact of the matter is, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place had fob actually been on the right side of the road. Also I understand Mens Rea but at the same time your explanation doesn’t make sense to me. Just because someone doesn’t think about committing a crime doesn’t mean that they should be let go if they commit said crime. Mens Rea is only regarded to some crimes. Example, First Degree Murder, second degree murder, kidnapping etc. Those are crimes where people have the intent to commit them. Let me give you some felony examples of where Mens Rea does not partake in, in regards to FS law; Manslaughter, negligent homicide, even in this case, vehicular assault. These are all felony charges where they don’t have or need to have intent to cause the crime. My point is just because fob didn’t have the intention to hit the red mustang doesn’t immediately drop the vehicular assault charge.

tl;dr If fob would have been on right side of road the crash would never have happened. Someone doesn’t need to have mental intent or thought to commit certain crimes.


I say we just take it as a learning lesson give warnings and be done, both were great high command who ran departments well, hate to see such people be “fucked” for very little shit, yes What Warrior did was not okay but in reality did he actually threaten to use the gun against someone? Or fob was his intentions really to cause crimes…? Especially when both are in such high command positions.


this was no accident. fob needs to go. #removefob


Fob and Warrior have never really harmed anyone and people are treating them like ‘public enemy #1’ it’s extremely annoying how a situation can be taken out of context and misconstrued into a campaign to remove the individuals in question.

Edit: Fob is GOOD for FSP and Warrior is GOOD for SCSO. They have brought great things to each department and should be recognised for the good, not the subsequent ‘bad’ things that are one in a million.


so i should be allowed to commit crime because I did some good for doh?


some of you guys amaze me on how you try to find points that really cannot be argued against. christ just open your eyes and actually realise what they did was wrong. not saying it’s bad to defend them, but when they do wrong and there is clear proof that states them doing wrong, how can you disagree…?


•Fob was speeding, which caused him to lose control of his vehicle

lesson: Don’t speed

At the beginning of the GIF he was also in the wrong lane
How is fob not responsible for speeding, losing control of his vehicle, and causing a head on collision with a Mustang that is in no way breaking the law?


Would you like to prove that? Because I’ve put some of my best friends in prison.


Reply to everything:

  1. Yes, I get Fob’s been through a lot of controversy. I might not agree with his actions, and not necessarily his reputation, but I will admit he did still try to help FSP and Firestone as a whole.
  2. As far as I’m getting, Mens Rea (mentality to commit) is cancelled out by Firestone law, only a handful of FS laws account for MR, everything else is just Actus Reus (action of committing).
    it was worth taking criminal justice for this, though, lol

but buts was put off the hook cause of his status?


buts was let off the hook for two factors

  1. the video didn’t directly show the murder, there was only a single witness testimony, and witness testimony isn’t exactly reliable, ergo you cannot submit the video as evidence to back a charge of murder
  2. the senators went to trial based on representation of the people, which, as senators, is their job to do- the citizens didn’t want butsworth impeached, and so they voted nay on the impeachment

About fobagosalot, he was not lagging because obviously he is seen doing multiple crimes during the video, not just the “laggy hit and run”, and if he was laggy, he should have realized it by the time after he did the hit and run, and stop doing road law violations. However immediatley he does road obstruction, he fails to yield to officers soon later. Its more likley that he did it on purpose, because during the WHOLE VIDEO he is mostly seen violating traffic laws. I don’t think it was accidental at all He parked his car in the middle of the road. Is this lag? He also fails to yield to law enforcement A LITTLE BIT AFTER the hit and run, if he was laggy he should’ve realized it by then and drive more carefully… A little after the hit and run when he was obstructing traffic he was seen saying he was pulled over many times and was given a warning due to his position. In the highway he was also speeding 90 in a 80 SPS. Is this lag? Therefore I don’t think he did it due to lag, he did it due to him thinking he has the authority to just violate road laws without punishment. Even if he didn’t do it on purpose, it was still completley his fault because he was speeding and therefore losing control. Speeding causes that, and its more likley that his speeding caused the accident then the “lag”.


My comments (idk if they mean anything to anyone or not, but just hear me out):

Law is law, personal opinions are opinions. There’s a distinct line. Yes, Fob has been a great leader for a great department, but that’s personal opinion and should be put aside. What we should be looking at is the fact that law is law and he broke the law.

As for the lagging opinions, whether he was lagging or not, Deputies and Troopers alike pull over people all the time for breaking laws, whether they were lagging or not.

I totally agree with you, but I would also argue that they HAVE been recognized for their good. ffs they’re HIGH RANK POSITIONS. They’ve been recognized for the good they’ve done, but since they are such a role model and trusted so much within the community, little things matter. Warrior has a tendency to abuse at trainings, misuse firearms, etc. (as far as I have seen). Fob clearly broke the law. I challenge you to put your personal opinions about the individuals aside and focus on the situation in a new pair of eyes. @SirAnthonyMelchett