OliverSteph for Arborfield Council

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

You may know me from many government positions. I feel that although I started small (County Council) I did not start small enough. I feel that it is a proper idea to try out a municipal council in order to learn more about smaller positions. I am also running due to the lack of members running for Arborfield Council (They’re missing out).


Small Business Support in Arborfield
Attempt to move LEOs closer to Arborfield in times of Crisis
Create a new tourism program called “Tour Arbor” (DM for more details)

Past and Present positions

Representative (2 Terms)
Speaker Pro Tempore (1 Term)
Stapleton County Council (1 Term)

Why me?

As you can see, I have past Government Experience. I feel that making a difference in the most underrated city in this county would be highly valuable. I also am excited to turn my words into actions and benefit the city.



support !

I fully support and endorse OliverSteph for the Arborfield City Council.

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Don’t know if voting opened or not, but Support.

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Election over.