Greetings, to everyone reading this, I was elected to not only express my opinion, but to express the opinions of the public, and Citizens of this state. Throughout this letter I will address in detail the rise of capitalism in the State of Firestone, and the ongoing and rampant monopoly occurring in our state.

Throughout the course of my time in Firestone, I’ve seen some pretty shady things happen, however I’ve never seen anything that has gone unaddressed.

The commercial realm within the State of Firestone is truly interesting, and everyone deserves to have a chance at running establishments, owning a business, and just exploring things for themselves.

Going into my point here, once upon a time Iconic was just a Burger Joint, after that, they took ownership of Sandwich.

Iconic INC. owning of course, their restaurant, and another restaurant being under them, not a big deal, however throughout time it continues, and it grows.

When one sees the warning sign of a monopoly forming, they should at least point it out, it is important to not be indifferent, and to take action, and observe the things happening.

Corporations that contribute to capitalism and monopolies are pernicious and derail our State’s Commercial System.

The most recent example of Iconic expanding was taking over partial aspects of Your Mom’s Steakhouse, I personally believe that Iconic is growing at a rate which is swift and concerning.

This is in no way shape or form a censure from my office, but this is a letter to point out the danger that Iconic INC. is posing especially with the growing tenacity they hold over the commercial realm of firestone.

Furthermore, the President of Iconic has been serving as the President of Capital Energy. I am all for people being able to own businesses, however I am not for the ownership and oversight of the operations of many subsidiaries of commerce.

This letter is addressed to the public, and to the Department of Commerce, in hopes that people may open their eyes and not be blind to see that sometimes capitalism and monopoly is dangerous.

I write this letter with high hopes to slow the growth and expansion of Iconic INC.




I mean like when people mention monopoly or anything business related I find it cringe…… how can you be a monopoly when you have no money :joy: :joy:???


the message went over your head it appears

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I mean it kinda did, cuz like you wrote a lot so I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not


it was not a joke it is very serious


i love how this is some how of a problem


Don’t know why you care. If you want to talk about it you can dm me instead.


“in our game, people can not form incorporations or corporations and have control over multiple companies like in real life, but its okay for congress people to be cops”


made 0 sense but pop off


I work for both Iconic and DOCM. I see both sides. I see absolutely no problem with Iconic becoming a “monopoly”. We don’t charge our subsidiaries anything to be apart of Iconic INC and they may leave whenever they please. To be apart of Iconic INC, you must pass a voting process by the Board of Directors. We don’t directly go after businesses like you may think. We aren’t your normal monopoly, not by a long shot. Iconic INC offers armed security to all its subsidiaries along with guidance from a successful business owner and team.
You say monopoly’s are dangerous but yet you do not provide any reasoning to why it’s “dangerous”. We created Iconic INC because of the amount of businesses wanting to join us. Before you start throwing around accusations, talk with the accused party first. As stated before, if you want to talk about it, you can DM bear or the business directors themselves.


Hello, Iconic Association CFO, Iconic General Manager / Head of Operations, Capital Energy Founder and former President, and former Chief Inspector of the Department of Commerce here.

Iconic did in fact start off as a small burger business, you are correct but let me state the facts for you.

StrategicResponses decided a few months ago that he would like to create a sandwich business and suggested it be under Iconic. We did have a discussion on it and we all agreed it was a good idea so Sandwich would get any support it needed from Iconic and there would already be relations between the business.
Eglz then had the idea of Welp and as everyone saw it blew up instantly with loads of reviews being sent.

It was around this time that the Iconic Association was created as we were in discussion of making Iconic it’s own group on Roblox and just having a Firestone branch since that’s where the group started. This idea eventually got brushed under the carpet and the Association became what it says in the title: an association. This means it has many businesses a part of it that are all working towards a similar goal (hospitality) with the exception of Welp, which was put under the Association due to it being owned by the leadership of Iconic and Sandwich.

In the past month or two, spidermanIunchbox approached the Association asking if Pigeon Kebabs could join it after he gained ownership of the business and we invited him with open arms.

I had been working on a new rank structure for Iconic itself since it had expanded a lot in the 2 years it’s been around and has become one of the largest and most successful businesses, which is a great thing and not something controversial like you seem to make it out to be. I then had a rethink and decided to instead modify the rank structure I had created and had approved so that it fit the Association since the organisational structure of it was a little over the place.
This new rank structure meant there would be a Board of Directors - all approved by the business owners a part of the Association - who would oversee the operations of all of the businesses and help steer everyone towards the same goal and provide assistance to help growth.
Each business owner is then the next level down on the organisational structure and after a discussion I had with them all while creating the new structure, we all agreed each subordinate business could keep their own internal rank structures that they’ve had since before joining the Association.
The only difference made to the Association is that Iconic’s Public Relations no longer exists and everyone has been transferred to the Iconic Association Marketing Department allowing for PR to be done for all businesses. Another difference we have as in a work-in-progress due to the way we have to go about it is that Iconic’s Security is also moving to the Association to form a Defence Division. None of the other subordinate businesses have Public Relations or Defence Divisions so everyone was fine with this.
It’s important to note that the Iconic Association does not own any of these companies, but instead it is a group of businesses all working together with an elected board to assist them. This was made clear to all the businesses when the new organisational structure was created and everyone was fine with it.

After this change, Hot Bloxton wished to join so we once again welcomed them to the Association.

Now, onto Capital Energy since you brought it up. I founded and owned Capital Energy and with the assistance of the Board, we got the business up and running (somewhat). I then stepped away for reasons I’m not going to go into since it’s not related to this post and Automationeer took over as she was one of the Board members and the one that did a lot of the work for the company. She was then obviously banned meaning it was left without an owner and I don’t know the specifics but Eglz was given the position and is currently doing amazing things for the business and even to the point they’ve been given vehicles and tools by the Founder.

Before you make a forum post from your official office slating a successful, growing business, maybe you should gather your facts, actually speak to the people involved in the Association to get the facts, or maybe you could just not make this statement in the first place and allow a business that’s growing to it’s own devices and allow for it to continue to grow. Firestone is dying as a whole making it hard for businesses to start up or survive and it’s amazing that Iconic has stood the test of time and you should be congratulating Eglz on getting Iconic past its 2nd anniversary last week and it’s continued success.

Here is an image of the rank structure proposed and approved by all of the business owners:

If this is referring to Iconic then please do explain to me what you think is shady.

Kind Regards,
Chief Financial Officer, Iconic Association
General Manager & Head of Operations, Iconic FS


Also, wait until you find out about Capital Industries, Inc. because they do actually own Capital Gas and Capital Energy

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