NotoriousAmerican and Virginian_State for Governor and Lieutenant Governor


NotoriousAmerican & Virginian_State Public Declaration of Arms



✦ Section I: Executive Branch
✦ Section II: Legislative Branch
✦ Section III: Judicial Branch
✦ Section IV: Cabinet and Subcabinet
✦ Section V: Order
✦ Section VI: County Government
✦ Section VII: Foreign Policy
✦ Section VIII: State Government
✦ Section IX: Advancement
✦ Section X: Conclusion



I am NotoriousAmerican, and I am running alongside with Virginian_State in the Gubernatorial Election of May 2018 for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. We will be giving an explanation as to what we shall be doing as Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the next term. All sections within this forum shall give a brief description of what we will be covering.

About Us

A description of the Governor Candidate, NotoriousAmerican:

Hello there fellow citizens of Firestone! My name is NotoriousAmerican, a Senator from the government. I would like to say thank you for reading our manifesto, it means a lot to myself and Virginian. I have been in the Firestone Congress for quite some time now, a term, and in this time, I have made lots of progress towards my plans I made in my manifesto for the Senate elections. I have made laws and amendments to our constitution; ultimately benefiting the overall protection of the State. My competence, encouragement, and other characteristics overall have made me be the best person I possibly can. I served in both the Sheriffs Office and the State patrol, making my law enforcement capabilities and judgment better. My foreign ro-nation capability was increased when I was made the Deputy Secretary of State. For those eight (8) or so weeks that I was in that office, I focused on the foreign entanglements and relations as such. From all my experience and time spent in Firestone, I truly believe myself and Virginian can lead this state to not only success but in all forms may we thrive. We truly ask for your support, and God bless this State.

A description of the Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Virginian_State:


I am your Lieutenant Governor Candidate Virginian_State. Firstly, I want to start off by mentioning that I have been apart of this wonderful community within the State of Firestone since its early days of progression. I previously took part in the State of Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training to prepare a well-suited career for myself within Law Enforcement. I very much enjoyed my experience going through the academy as I got to encounter very talented individuals who were very polite and understanding of our abilities in the academy. I finished the Peace Officer Standards and Training about a month after starting it to join the State Patrol for the State of Firestone. During my career in the Firestone State Patrol, I was able to serve the State of Firestone by making sure that the streets were kept clean and by honoring my badge. I ended up resigning from the Firestone State Patrol to pursue a new career within the Firestone State Legislature; I ran for the position as a Firestone Representative with the House of Representatives during a late term. At the beginning of the next term, I ran for the House of Representatives again and was successful with my campaign which granted me the position as a Firestone Representative once more. I ended up getting selected for the position of Speaker of the House for the House of Representatives for that particular term and went on to preserve and keep the House of Representatives in order. I stayed in office within the House of Representatives for half a term as I decided to step down. I ended up running for the position of Senator in an election and was successful which granted me the position as a Senator within the State of Firestone Senate. I was able to complete the rest of the term as a Senator then went back to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office for the meantime. The next term I went off to run for the House of Representatives and managed to successfully get elected as a Representative within the Firestone House of Representatives.I am currently the incumbent Speaker of the House. I believe my term within the House of Representatives was successful and now I running in the Gubernatorial election of May 2018.

Section I: Executive Branch

We shall promise that the Executive Branch will be strictly kept in order as we must have an efficient working environment that is organized, professional, and loyal to the State of Firestone. All operations within the Executive Branch shall be meaningful and prove that it is beneficial to the State of Firestone.

Governor Candidate NotoriousAmerican shall promise properly and efficiently perform the duties as the Commander in Chief for the Firestone National Guard appropriately in the act of dealing with terrorism and civil unrest within the State of Firestone.

Governor Candidate NotoriousAmerican shall promise to keep up to date with all legislative pieces that have been passed by Congress and are awaiting a signature or veto from the Governor. If elected as Governor, I shall only sign legislative pieces that prove to be beneficial to the State of Firestone. If the legislative pieces passed by Congress do not prove to be beneficial to the State of Firestone then I shall take the appropriate actions by vetoing them.

We have agreed to make sure that the established executive order number ten for executive meetings continues as this system made sure that the Governor can keep up with the members of the Cabinet and Subcabinet on their activity, status, and progression to see if their respective department is thriving or declining. See more on this in Section IV.

We have agreed to make sure that the established executive order number five continues as we are in favor of the Department of Public Safety having the ability to initiate an investigation on a department or on an employee as it ensures that the staff of all departments is kept in check to make sure that the department and its employees remain to execute their part of the job excellently.

We have agreed to make sure that the established executive order number eleven continues as we agree in the idea of making sure that the Department of Public safety is given restrictions with their investigations since we believe that no department should be granted too much power in general.

We have agreed to make sure that the established executive order number twelve continues, but be amended to state a new invite link. We believe that all Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet members should be kept in touch easily to avoid any errors in communications.

We have agreed that executive order number fifteen continues as we see this executive order is a disallowance to special privileges due to most members not having any sort of special training to operate any aircraft capable vehicles authorized by the Department of Aviation due to the possibilities of major accidents being able to occur.

We have agreed to continue executive order number sixteen as we see that the Firestone National Guard can maintain a more efficient control in the training procedures with their Enlistees to make sure that there is no misunderstanding in the knowledge of their personnel. We believe that the best idea on what to do with the Firestone Infantry Training and Education is to create a legislation to disband the program, but with the favor of the Major General to disband it.

We have agreed that the established executive order number seventeen continues as we are very much in favor of the system that allows the Governor to award certain individuals with the highest honor for their honorable actions that must be condemned within the State of Firestone.

We have agreed that the established executive order number nineteen continues as we are in favor of making sure that only the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Secretary of State are able to make interactions with foreign governments to prevent any official that does not have a complete knowledge of the condition and terms with any foreign government from affecting any diplomatic relations.

This term (1/17/2018) that we are currently in, executive orders have not been imposed onto the executive branch as much as it needs to be. This means that several members of the executive branch get away with free-ranking, starting department wars, and other contraventions of executive orders. Under our tenure, we will not stand for those who aren’t dedicated enough to remain in their position. Inactive members of the executive branch will be punished accordingly. We will not stand for those who wish to make Firestone a horrible place.

I (NotoriousAmerican) will make executive orders as I see necessary to better represent the executive branch and make sure it’s operating at its finest. This term will not be sugar coated in our tenure, things will be done. You should not have to petition to a government position or group to have something done that is clearly necessary to be done. Our administration will get things done, and make progression in the term.

Section II: Legislative Branch

The State of Firestone Legislature plays a huge role in Firestone and that is mainly because that they manage to keep the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in balance by always firmly going over every single section of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights to make sure that they are both efficient and are beneficial to the citizens of the State of Firestone.

All legislative pieces that have been created within the State of Firestone Legislature have been challenged to the fullest extent by both chambers and its members to make sure that the legislative pieces are efficient for the State of Firestone and its citizens.

I shall work closely with the branch leaders within the state legislature to make sure that it continues its efforts to thrive. I will be working very closely with the Lieutenant Governor to come to terms on finding ways to improve the Senate and to make sure that it can be at its very best. I also shall closely work with the Speaker of the House on making sure that the House of Representatives can maintain a high reputation as it must be kept at a perfect satisfaction rating within the State of Firestone. I shall promise to even work with all members within both chambers of Congress as much as possible to build a satisfying relationship and to better understand one another as everyone has their own way of completing their tasks in their respective chambers.

Section III: Judicial Branch

The State of Firestone Judicial Branch is one of the key needs on maintaining justice and order within the State of Firestone, and I plan on making sure that the judicial branch continues on doing that. We shall promise to make sure that we closely work with the Chief Court Justice and the Justices in the judicial branch to ensure an outstanding judicial system.

We shall work with the Chief Court Justice specifically on making sure that the judicial branch is a professional and trustworthy branch within the State of Firestone since that we absolutely can not have a Court Justice who chooses not to properly execute their part of the job. We will not stand for loopholes that cause trouble. We will be open to proper and justifiable judicial reviews and checks on any sort of legislation or other legal pieces should there be a loophole. We shall take the advice given by our judiciary on such matters seriously as necessary.

We will work ensure that all judicial nominations of ours are to those that are both qualified for the position but will be dedicated their position. We do not want a justice to end up resigning after taking the said position for only a short amount of time. We expect the best of our judicial branch and hope it thrives. I (NotoriousAmerican) shall only nominate the best justices the Department of Justice and the Chief Justice brings to my attention.

We will make definite that any and all judicial nominations are both qualified and competent for the position, but also dedicated to the position; not to slack off and not fulfill their duties. Any justice that does not wish to persist to be active will incumbent will be removed for failure to discharge their duties. Regardless of what others think about this beloved state, this administration will hold everyone to the highest standards and expectations for each branch, and department, we will not leave the judicial branch out of that expectation.
Section IV: Cabinet and Subcabinet

As your candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, we believe that it is important to understand that the Cabinet and Subcabinet play very important roles within the State of Firestone. It is very important that our cabinet members are running each of their respective departments both effectively and at a level of approval, from not just us, but the citizens and members of the respective department. We want all of our cabinet members to be doing their jobs to the maximum standard possible.

We will ensure that the cabinet does not choose to slack off as that would not set a good reputation for itself within the State of Firestone. I will make sure that the department heads maintain an excellent reputation with their respective departments as they must act as good role models and set good examples for the citizens of Firestone. We will not tolerate slacking off within the cabinet. Meetings that are mandatory will be hosted twice a month to meet with the cabinet and discuss what is new with their department, and what we can work on to fix it. We have organized an executive branch trello, however, it will not be released and/or used unless we are elected.

We have managed to put together a list of individuals who we know for sure are the best-suited individuals to be either nominated for a position in the cabinet or remain as a member in the cabinet. We were also able to include a list of some of the individuals who are best suited as a department head for the sub-cabinet and cabinet.

Section V: Order

We must understand that in order to make sure that the citizens of the State of Firestone are kept safe, we must have efficient Law Enforcement Officers who are willing to put their lives on the line to preserve justice and order on the streets of the State of Firestone. We are going to be looking for and expecting the highest quality we can get from our law enforcement, and the cooperation to do so by our department high officials. We must make sure that the National Guard is always well trained and ready to respond to any threat if such need arises.

We will not be easily manipulated to such threats that are imposed against the State of Firestone from citizens who wish to challenge authority. I will work closely with major law enforcement agencies like the Firestone State Patrol and the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office to understand their needs to of being able to properly execute their part of enforcing and preserving the law.

I believe that the law enforcement officers within the State of Firestone must understand that teamwork with other agencies is the key to success in eliminating major threats that are imposed against the State of Firestone. I will work closely with law enforcement department heads on coming up with solutions to being able to successfully build a good reputation with all law enforcement officers and the citizens of the State of Firestone itself.

In order to keep our marvelous state and its citizens safe and secure, we will be dedicated and we will pledge to do so by ensuring security and protection among everyone, and that is our utmost priority while governing this state. We will search high and low for the highest quality of Law Enforcement that we can find. This will include working with department officials and creating policies to keep all law enforcement active, and well-trained. This shall include instruction of our National Guard, and to make it unquestionable that our National Guard will always be there to respond and protect our citizens and the State from threats. As Commander-in-Chief of the Firestone National Guard, I will pledge to make certain that our National Guard will never let us down in times of crisis.

We simply will not negotiate with terrorist, as well as we will not react kindly to those who attempt to bring terror upon our state. Threats against our state will not be taken lightly and repercussions will follow.

Section VI: County Government

Working with the Stapleton County Government will be an important task as we must understand that the Stapleton County Government has their own jurisdiction over the County as they are able to establish their own local laws that only correlate within their own jurisdiction. We understand that the state legislature and the county government must work as a unity in order to be successful.

We shall work closely with the County Executive to our fullest capacity to work together as a unity on establishing a more friendlier environment since that we will both need to open up communications with one another for a more transparent understanding as to what it takes to a successful relationship with the Stapleton County Government.

This may include working with the county government to establish and ordain the county courts, and when this administration believes the the state courts and state government is well, we will move to the county courts to finally establish them. Although legislation has passed the state legislature to establish the county courts, we will move to improve and ultimately make them work well with the county government.

However, our administration believes that if the public wishes to dissolve the county government, it may happen. We cannot promise if the government will stay, or if it will be abolished. The honorable congress of Firestone will make that decision. If we see fit that the county government is futile, we will take the correct measures in solving that issue.
Section VII: Foreign Policy

The time being in Firestone has shown us that diplomacy is entirely unnecessary. This administration does not wish to continue wars, I will personally not end them unless necessary, but once that ends, diplomacy is officially over for the State of Firestone. Wars will not happen, threats may still be noticed, however, the judiciary may take care of that. We will have a foreign policy that both puts the State of Firestone as a top priority. We want to give everyone a chance to come to and appreciate the State of Firestone as we believe it is a state of opportunity and free will. We will make sure that the Department of State works properly and efficiently.

We want to put the needs and priorities of our state first before taking part in something major with other Ro-Nations and states. We believe the best fit is to make referendums and get the opinions and thoughts of the citizens of the State of Firestone to decide if the option of going to war with a Ro-nation or State is the best fit.

We believe the idea of making treaties with other Ro-nations and States may not be the best option in mind as often in the past administrations, treaties that were made with other Ro-nations and states were not a hundred percent followed, thus wasting the State of Firestone’s time with diplomacy. Though, we still shall keep in mind the idea of making treaties with other Ro-nations and States.

Section VIII: State Government

I [NotoriousAmerican] will work with my running mate [Virginian_State] to ensure that all of Congress is active and efficient. Inactive congressmen and congresswomen who are incompetent filling our government are terrible and unwarranted. We will also work with the Speaker of the House to make certain that expulsions will occur when inactivity transpires. Our Government needs to be active and we must have the capabilities to protect our citizens.

If the State Government is not operating correctly, then everything else will collapse if the state government does not allow the Citizens to have a voice, change, and opportunity will be the downfall of Firestone, but if Virginian_State and I are elected, this will all change. Enough of a terrible foundation for the government, enough of the citizens being ignored, we will ensure you all are given a chance if you all are allowed to join us in our journey to allow Firestone to prosper.

We focus our campaign on prosperity and want it to revolve around progression, and the key to opening the state government to succession is you, the citizens, the voice of the state, the building blocks of this group. We will hold public sessions frequently so you will be able to view reasoning, our votes, and become up to date. We will always allow members of the state to become a member of the congressional chambers if they wish to, and they do not have a malicious intent.

Section IX: Advancement

We want to make numerous counts of progression while we’re in office, but of course not doing the bare minimum to keep this state alive, as what is being done now. That’s not what this administration plans to do. In conclusion, we believe that in order to further improve this great state, we need your assistance in doing so. Working with the citizens to benefit this state is what we really see as progression. Including the citizens in major decisions is also something this administration would wish to do.

Virginian_State and I both agree that one thing that the previous Governor(s) have missed is the failure to inform the citizens and keep them informed of what’s going on and what is potential that may affect them; otherwise, citizens wouldn’t understand what is happening well enough when it truly affects them.

That is the reason why this administration is going to plan on keeping our promises and to inform the citizens with weekly updates on our progression with the state, no matter the importance of the events that occurred. These weekly updates may include, notable legislation that has been signed, remarkable events that transpired, and other key circumstances that may affect the citizens, as well as a simple summary. Our administration truly wishes to keep this sort of address and to relay information in our time in office.

The State of the State address does not seem efficient enough to outline the agenda, inform the citizens, and such, which is why this administration plans to implement weekly addresses delivered by both the Offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. These addresses will be released before the day ends (EDT time) on every Sunday after our election.

Section X: Conclusion

This administration wants to keep the term about going beyond and above what others believe can only be accomplished in a long amount of time and make sure that every sector in this state is excellent. However, in order to fulfill all of our plans, we will need you, the citizens, help to achieve all of our goals and to make this state amazing. We would not be here, campaigning, if we didn’t believe that we couldn’t accomplish any of this.

In cl, we have gone over a mass majority of what we will do in office if elected. We can work together and with others to make the State of Firestone the best we can. If you have any
comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions you can message either of us on ROBLOX private message or on Discord, @ NotoriousAmerican#0989 or Virginian_State#2807

You may also use this to fill out a forum for any questions you may have for our manifesto or administration. Further instructions on filling out this forum will be listed under the description of the forum, please make sure to read it before filling it out.

The both of us truly wish you support us and support our plans for the better of this state. If you do support us, please do not forget to vote when voting opens. – Thank you all very much, and God bless this state!


Governor Candidate

Lieutenant Governor Candidate



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With the decreasing attempt to keep the Executive Branch running smoothly within the past few governors, I believe these Gubernatorial Candidates will re-shape, and bring Firestone back into good hands. It has been a while since the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches have been ran efficiently, and properly. Glad to see two people dedicated to the State of Firestone.

Former Secretary of Public Works

I apologize, here is the link to my administration and high government officials, it didn’t copy over.

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As well as here is the question sheet.

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I hope you win the Mayflower election too.

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