NevadaLaw for City Council of Redwood

NevadaLaw for Redwood City Council

Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I’m NevadaLaw. Most of you may not know me because I left Firestone around late 2018 to try new things, I’ve been here since v1 alpha and I graduated POST class 1, but I wanted to rejoin this community and get into politics, I think it’s always good to have someone new in politics, because usually they can bring new ideas to the table. I’m running because I know things have to be done around here, and I believe that if we get someone new in council, with new ideas, then we can fix some of these problems. During my time in Firestone, I’ve had lots of employment experience, some of which has help me become who I am today.

Previous employment: (that I can remember of course)

  • Firestone State Patrol - Corporal
  • Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office - Sergeant
  • Department of Corrections - Correctional Officer
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Public Works

As I’ve stated before, I love the idea of having people who haven’t had much experience in politics to show up on the scene and present new ideas that can make people happy with their government. I’ve spoken to people on the streets of Redwood who have voiced their complaints and what they’ve loved. I always believe that we can help our law enforcement serving Redwood and introduce bills that assist them in striving to make Redwood a great place to live, we always have space to improve no matter how good we are! I’m open to new ideas and hopefully, you can take a chance on me and let’s see what we can get done together, and of course, please tell me what I can improve upon, if you don’t support me because of my minimal experience in politics, that’s totally fine. If you did like what I said and want to see what WE can do in the city council, just reply saying “Support”, and if you didn’t, please tell me what I can do better! Redwood is a beautiful city and with your support, we can help make it a better, safer, and happier place to live for everyone!

Thanks for reading all this, and hopefully you can join me in my journey to help Redwood!

Citizen NevadaLaw


yo yo yo nevada. my g class 1 or 2 of POST. that is a SUPPORT


Support …




My current plans are making our streets safer, assisting law enforcement, and, of course, listening to your suggestions, we all think differently and I would love to see some of your ideas for how we can make Redwood a better place.


As voting begins in less than an hour, I ask that you take a chance and vote me for Redwood Alderman, I have lots of plans to help bring business to Redwood and make our city the safest it can possibly be, for everyone, my agenda is simple, help Redwood become the best it can be. For me to attempt to accomplish this goal, I ask for your support to help me do this, and in return, I will support you, the citizens of Redwood, Firestone!

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