Mystical_Bizarre for House of Representatives

Dear Citizens of Firestone,

I, Mystical_Bizarre, hereby announce that I shall be running for Firestone House of Representatives.


Hello fellow citizens, My name is Mystical_Bizarre and I’ll be running for House or Representatives during this special election! Beforehand, I was very distant from running for a legislative role in this community. I felt I would be inadmissible for being part of this great legislature. Whoever, here I am making an attempt at something I most dearly love. I’ll take this opportunity to show I have what it takes and the determination to be a member of the legislature. I’m currently unemployed in the State of Firestone, but I’ve applied for Firestone Fire Academy and the Department of Public Works, and also plan on taking the BAR examination.


I’ll be presenting the public my history and background within Firestone. I’ve been a Citizen of the State of Firestone since 2018. Throughout my time in Firestone, I’ve been a part of the Department of Public Services serving as a Supervisor (January 11th, 2019 - July 8th, 2019). I graduated Class 40 of POST Academy, I immediately applied for SCSO. Shortly after being accepted, I left SCSO as a trainee due to real-life situations. A few months after deriving from SCSO, I was employed by the Department of Corrections serving as a Correctional Officer (April 29th, 2019 - June 14th, 2019). However, I do have some experience within the government of Firestone, I served two terms as a Prominence District Councilman. My first term went from May 21th, 2019 through September 21th, 2019. Not much happened, the county government didn’t really have much to do then and was really inactive. My second term went from May 17th, 2020 through June 8th, 2020. My time here was short as it was a special election, I drafted two bills during my time and co-sponsored a few other bills with fellow council members. There is a lot more to my history in Firestone but it’s relevant.

  • Former Public Workers Supervisor
  • Former Correctional Officer
  • Former Prominence District Council x2
  • POST Class 40

My Goals

Here is a brief list of my goals I look to accomplish while a Representative of Firestone.

  • Improve transparency throughout the government
  • Provide citizens the opportunity to introduce legislations
  • Encourage citizen to voice their opinions
  • Work with fellow congressional members on legislations I support and dem fit for the State
  • Listen to the citizens of Firestone and department heads on their concerns
  • Prevent corruption within the State of Firestone government and its departments

Upon getting elected into office as part of Firestone House of Representative, I am looking forward to listening to the citizen’s, and department head’s concerns, and what they’re excogitating towards the future of Firestone.


Overall this is going to be an enjoyable, stressful and risky experience, if I get elected into officer. I have a large amount of experience for this position and am ready to help the citizens of Firestone. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hopefully, you have taken this into consideration in voting for me as a Representative.


What were some bills you proposed? When were you in office?

I proposed a Traffic Flow Act and a Special Event Act.

How will you do this?



I’ll work with fellow Congress members on either or not transparency needs improvement. I don’t have a set plan in action on how it will be done, as I want to get the opportunity to discuss it with fellow members to determine what needs to be done or what doesn’t need to be done.

I want to allow the public to have the opportunity to introduce their ideas and what they think should be done in congress. I’ll have my office always open to listen to the publics’ ideas and concerns. I’ll help citizens with legislation they want to be presented in congress.

This has always been a huge goal for all congress members. It’s our job to prevent corruption within the government and its departments. I want to keep corruption away as much as possible. So far the government has been good at preventing that but there are times corruption happens and it’s those who do something about it to keep it away.

If you want more details please dm me on discord I’m more than willing to share my ideas and plans.


Vote. House of Representatives September 2021 Special Election Voting