My Thoughts on the State Patrol


Recently, the State Patrol has not been where it needs to be in terms of excellency and discipline. The Sheriff’s Office has set record-high standards for how law enforcement should be in Firestone, something that we haven’t seen in years. The State Patrol’s administration’s poor decision making has contributed to the fall of the department in terms of result and standards. In this thread, I will be going in depth on my thoughts on the State Patrol and things that the department must do in order to bring back light to progress both administratively and operational.

DISCLAIMER: In no shape or form do I have anything against the department. I simply want to express my thoughts on the department in the most civil matter.


The department’s structure has not been suitable for all of members of its high command. This has led to the resignation of some of its top high command members. I do acknowledge that the lack of the development on ASU has flawed operations for the department, but this cannot create a gap between success and failure for the department. I do applaud the efforts made to cover that gap through creativity though.


On the top of structure, many of the divisions within the department aren’t held to suitable standards. This has led to divisions ultimately failing because they don’t have proper leadership and the motive of achieving progress.


Many employees within the department are flat-out immature. This is strongly reflected in their behavior on Discord and in-game. In such a prestigious department, this simply cannot happen. While the department does have policies in regards to the said subject, there is light enforcement of those policies and high command members who fail to follow them. Some can argue that the dismissal of ex-Superintendent WaterLostic had led a downfall for the department in terms of professionalism and discipline.


As mentioned earlier, many of the department’s administrative decisions have been controversial. Most notably, the decision to strip the ASU of its dodge charger. While the department is in control of its usage of the vehicle, it is seen as unfair by many. The recent decision to re-appoint a former Major has been also been seen as controversial. While I myself don’t have any issues with that decision, there is no certainty that change will be brought to the department’s administration.


The Superintendent’s personal issues have been a setback for the department. While I do understand that everyone has issues in their personal lives, this simply cannot affect one’s performance in a department that heavily relies on its leader for progress.


While the majority of this thread may seem negative towards the State Patrol, this gives the department an opportunity to reflect on its major issues. This thread will be open towards user who wish to express their thoughts on the department along with feedback for it.


fob isn’t the best superintendent


The State Patrol is full of thots…

The Stapleton County Soviets Office is Superior! :hammer_and_pick:

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Blame OVG and Dragon for FSP’s lack of great standards. Just saying the facts here.



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Just sayin you learned the difference from an opinion and a fact in fourth grade soo its fake news if you call that a fact, as true as you think it is


But to be back on track, I think FSP is okay but they’re pretty easy targets since they just do traffic stops and things which they’re always out of their car

they don’t have very good aim either tbh. I mean, not to seem like some know it all, or to classify a whole department, but I think better shooting tactics (OR GUNS) may help them

Also it was obviously a dick move for HICOMM to take away the chargers from ASU which fed SPECIFICALLY made for ASU.

(Keep in mind fed has the power to remove team activation… huehuehue… so maybe do what he made them to do)


But to be back on track, I think FSP is okay but they’re pretty easy targets since they just do traffic stops and things which they’re always out of their car

Uhh, feller… If anything, the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office still does more traffic stops than the Firestone State Patrol. SCSO is considered the best LEO department and they do more. Not sure what your point was, but I’m glad I could of debunked it for you.

Oh yeah, adding on to that, the Firestone State Patrol’s jurisdiction is on the highways so they do more pursuits than always be out of their car…

You clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about.



can agree
seen a trooper be afk on discord while we told him that a man with a warrant is right infront of him.

one more thing was that the warranted dude was DANCING AND PUTTING HIS HANDS UP INFRONT OF THE CHARGERS, trooper chatting on fsp discord while we all are yelling at him to arrest.

he even parked illegally.

then when he came back from being afk, the trooper said to the dude with a warrant “Hey sir, we need to talk”
then says “Get out of the car now”

the warranted dude drives off and the trooper went after him, not even sure if they even got him.

guess what he got, just a warning

that warranted dude could had killed so many people when he was afk.



I’m Major Inventize (formerly SourcedInfinity, Inspiric, Adobical), the individual that was brought back into the command as a strong point to re-establish a strengthened training bureau & overall better department operation.

As I was presented with the idea with being back into the Firestone State Patrol Gold Command, I immediately had a set plan and timeline for what I can do and provide for the Firestone State Patrol to help improve their operations overall. I created an agenda with plans for the department and I have been working on completing the agenda with a strong focus on developing new ideas and reforming inefficient things within the department itself.

If you would like to see my agenda, click on this link.

Although my reinstatement was (somewhat) controversial, it was approved by the Governor and was supported by a majority of the department, seen here.

The department agreed with the administration’s decision on my reinstatement, and I have decided to come back and serve once again.

Since it’s my literal 4th day after returning from Major, I can’t say much on your expectations. However, I’ve already implemented mandates for Corporals and Sergeants to become certified in training & Trello usage before consideration for a promotion, which improves overall department efficiency and lets Corporals to be ready for a position in Bronze Command.

I’m planning to introduce a new handbook with the Superintendent focusing strictly on conduct, maturity, and discipline. As a member under both WaterLostic and Dragon2290’s tenures, I understand that the quality of employees within the department have been slowly decreasing over time. I will ensure that my troopers will undergo a strict reiteration of what @WaterLostic had done to control maturity & disciplinary influence.

You’re correct on this subject. I’ve observed this as well when I was unemployed by the Firestone State Patrol. It is true that enforcement is light on these policies and something needs to be done. As I said before, I will work on a new enforcement system and a more structured discord server.

This decision may be changed, I will continue to talk towards the Superintendent and High Command in implementing rules and guidelines for ASU, who probably haven’t trained on driving & using the vehicle that was provided to them.

Training with firearms with a training facility that hasn’t been updated significantly with modern technology as found in the county is difficult. We can’t train with the free model norfolk guns that were given to us in the Training Facility that Zethome made. It just doesn’t make sense.

Overall, I’m a well rounded guy with a no bullshit policy. These problems that @Ftlicious do exist in this department, and I plan to fix them. I was appointed in helping the Training Bureau get back into shape, and that’s what I plan to do. I will also work with the Superintendent with constant fixes to our current overall flaws on maturity and enforcement.

If you have further concerns, feel free to talk to me on discord.

Firestone State Patrol Major
Director of the Training Bureau.


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@WaterLostic You need to calm down.


pronounced ‘komrad-stone kom-radd a-kada-myiuh’
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90 percent of the time when im treating a patient or carrying some guy out of a burning building and i start gettting shot at SCSO always is there on the radio first E/R C3 after i fire my distress signal.


FSP yay




this feels weird when you are russian


SCSO be like…


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(this “gif” was referring to the superior department “SCSO” ‘handing’ Ls to DHS.)