My running for Deputy Mayor for Arborfield

I, Longingepicboy, hereby announce myself running for Arborfield Deputy mayor. Lets start with who I am.


Well, many of the citizens of firestone will be scratching their heads on who this Longingepicboy person is. Now, your going to find out. I joined firestone back in early January and got into POST and SCFD; I was doing all well until tragedy struck me, My grandad passed away, so all the emotions within me couldn’t stay inside and I left all ROBLOX groups and I left roblox for s few months as a whole ,but, after a few weeks I rejoined firestone and began a new life. However, now let’s move on to my history.Some of you might remember me from Mano county, I regret not leaving earlier when all my other colleagues left and that lead to some ups and downs. The ups being I learnt how to be a leader and how to help people and not just focus on myself; I made even more friends and I am planning to rejoin Mano to see how it is; the downs are that the current sheriff has ruined most things,but, it is not about mano. I am a ex-captain for MCSO,ex-assistant chief for MCFD, Ex- Private first class for SWAT, Ex-trooper for PSP and Ex-tactical Lieutenant for PSP SERT meaning a lot of stress overcame from this. Now let’s move on to my goals.


My goals upon getting a seat would be to make every citizen know that they do not have to be scared on talking to us about what is upsetting them and another goal would be to reduce crime rates by making sure the LEOs are active and that every citizen feels safe in our areas. Also, I want the voices of the public to be heard and to make it a better place for them.

Signed, Longingepicboy

P.S. This is the first time I am doing this election, so it might not be the best of the best but here it is.

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