My Response to Warrior's Dismissal and Guilty Verdict (as his attorney)

Now that the case has concluded, I’m allowed to speak on it publicly. First of all, I’d like to thank Warrior for his service to not only SCSO, but FNG MP, as well. He has been a great asset to Firestone, and I hope, despite the recent events, that he continues this legacy. I, personally, learned quite a bit from him, and admired his drive and overall work in the State that helped make and keep SCSO what it is today.

Now onto the legal discussion. As Warrior’s attorney, myself and my firm worked as hard as possible to find some loophole or any way to protect warrior’s legacy and his positions. The first charge of impersonation brought by DOJ was dismissed based on my motion, by SCJ MisterGermanAiden. This was a large win for us, however soon after, new charges were filed for misuse of a firearm. We used every piece of evidence and logic that we could find in order to prove Warrior had no bad intention, and to prove his innocence. In the end, DOJ and AG DannyBoy’s efforts prevailed and unfortunately Warrior’s positions were damages of this. I do admire DOJ’s drive throughout this case, and I spoke to Attorney General Danny soon after the verdict came in, and we agreed that effort was put in on both sides, and it eventually just came down to the events discussed, and that there was what I’d call “game recognized game”.

Again, I thank warrior for his contributions, and am very sorry that the case ended the way it did. I wish him luck.

Also, I urge the public and members of SCSO to not riot or become violent over this, and if you wish to protest, do so peacefully.


Silv3_r , Founding Partner, Silver and Associates of Firestone.

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im no law expert but i feel like its stupid to charge him with misuse of recreational use cause he never fired his gun

if theres some law against brandishing a firearm or whatever he should get that instead


The law never actually mentions the word shoot once expect the phrase “Shooting Range”


petition to un-gayify the firearm regulations


you know they had regulations this one time that didn’t allow people to shoot at the range at night?
yeah, i nearly got myself cited because of that crap, and it was even outdated by the time that happened


we argued that trust me


true, and I think the law needs some revision but its whatever


Fucking hell to whoever dares pull this shitty ass excuse and to anyone who put him where he is now

Should be ashamed of yourselfs, my god


He should be ashamed of himself for committing a felony then ignoring the best plea deal to ever exist


No, it’s you who should be fucking ashamed.

It’s kind of ironic how he’s the one being charged

He has no negative intentions; you do. That’s what makes him different from you. He actually gives a fuck, so don’t tell me ‘he should be ashamed of himself’ when in reality we all know the truth


He’s just doing his assigned job buddy, chill.


Take a chill pill Lidels, that is dannys job as AG to be on peoples asses in court (As is any prosecutions job)
He should have accepted The misdemeanor misue, THEN filed a appeal with the state, to get it lowered to brandishing. That would have kept him with the ability to keep his POST certification, and possibly getting it lowered to brandishing. I no smart and even I could come up with that.


no idc that shit wasn’t cool


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